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Portuguese account of Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Peer 2 Peer

TorrentSpy Founders Create Copyright Filtering Company
Founders of TorrentSpy, a BitTorrent search engine and tracker hosting site currently under legal assault from Hollywood studios, have launched a new company called FileRights designed to help copyright owners keep their content from being shared or indexed online, the new company announced Monday.

Side effects of GM?

Could genetically modified crops be killing bees?
Bees forage heavily on corn flowers to obtain pollen for the rearing of young broods, and these pollen grains also contain the Bt gene of the parent plant, because they are present in the cells from which pollen forms.

Is it not possible that while there is no lethal effect directly to the new bees, there might be some sublethal effect, such as immune suppression, acting as a slow killer?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sikhs and British Army

It is great to see how the media is recognising the achivements of Sikhs from the past. The CRE is rubbish and seems to do more wrong then right maybe time for a rethink. Most of the people on these panels are out of touch with society on the whole.

Sikh spirit in a multicultural army

You couldn’t ask for more loyal, more patriotic or more soldierly immigrants than the Sikhs. How encouraging, then, that a number of community leaders should have floated the idea of recruiting a British Sikh regiment.

A sikh cavalry unit of the British Malakand Field Force charges on Pathan tribesmen controlling a crossing of the Swat river during the Chitral campaign, north-west India, 7th April 1895. Drawing by John Charlton after a sketch by Lionel James.
Sikh cavalry units: battling bravely since the 19th century

Army chiefs, knowing their history, were thrilled. A century and a half ago, Sikhs stopped being our toughest adversaries and became our bravest sepoys. The Sikh Regiment is the most decorated in the Indian army, having fought with distinction in the two world wars and innumerable colonial campaigns.

Some of its battle honours involved almost unbelievable heroism. In 1897, at Saragarhi, 21 Sikh soldiers defended an outpost against some 10,000 insurgent tribesmen, killing thousands before they were overwhelmed. The House of Commons Rose in tribute when the news came through, and each of the 21 men was posthumously awarded the Indian Order of Merit.

Just the kind of spirit we need, you might think, after the debacle of our kidnapped sailors. But the Commission for Racial Equality thought otherwise and, to the dismay of both the Services and the Sikhs, decided that the initiative would contravene our race legislation.

What the devil was the CRE thinking? Everyone knows that the strength of the British Army is the esprit de corps of its regiments, most of which recruit locally among defined communities.

There was no rule that you had to be Scottish to join the Black Watch; but why else would you have wanted to? There used to be regiments that recruited specifically among, say, the Liverpool Irish or Birmingham Welsh (one such was the 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot, which won seven of the Victoria Crosses at Rorke’s Drift).

The system has worked very well for hundreds of years. So why not extend it? Why not have, say, a Hounslow Sikh Regiment, or a unit of West Yorkshire Punjabi Riflemen, or of Spitalfields Bengal Lancers? Isn’t this the ideal to which the CRE ought to be aspiring: one in which immigrants can be committed to the British state and constitution without having to abandon their ancestral identities?

Think of the splendid Indian army dress uniforms we could revive. We might even be able to wheel out the odd elephant for ceremonial parades. It would be multiculturalism at its best – different traditions loyal to one Crown – rather than the deracinated mush that passes for multiculturalism in state schools. What an opportunity we have passed up.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rich Pay LESS Tax then Cleaners!

Private equity chiefs under fire

A number of well-known companies, including AA, Birds Eye and, recently, Alliance Boots, have recently been bought by private equity firms.

Unions have argued that private equity firms pay too little tax

Last week the head of one UK private equity group, SVG's Nick Ferguson, said the claims may have some justification, when he admitted that some of those running and investing in private equity were paying tax at a lower level than cleaners.

Labour MP George Mudie, a member of the committee, said that such an admittance meant the Chancellor was "bound to do something about it".

He claimed that individuals with "money coming out of their ears" were using the system to reduce their tax payments.

And he complained that information supplied to the committee had been "bland".

Documents submitted said that more than £80bn have been invested in about 29,500 firms since 1983.

It amazes me how over the past 10 years the Government claims that the gap between the rich and poor is decreasing yet the average family is paying more in direct and indirect taxes (e.g. VAT) then they receive in benefits and tax brakes. It’s completely ridiculous that the fat cats in the square mile get away with not paying tax yet the average family is bombarded with taxes even after they die when the Government comes along and takes 40% of an estate worth over £250,000.

Boycott make up Stay natural

Body absorbs 5lb of make-up chemicals a year

Women who use make-up on a daily basis are absorbing almost 5lb of chemicals a year into their bodies, it is claimed.
Woman applying lipstick: Body absorbs 5lb of make-up chemicals a year
Out-of-date lipstick may be a hothouse for bacteria

Interesting article saying the body absorbs 5lbs of chemicals via make up every year. Just another reason to keep natural form that god blesses us with!

Result of Global Warming?

Missing: Large lake in southern Chile

A lake in southern Chile has mysteriously disappeared, prompting speculation the ground has simply opened up and swallowed it whole.

The lake was situated in the Magallanes region in Patagonia and was fed by water, mostly from melting glaciers.

One theory is that the area was hit by an earth tremor that opened a crack in the ground which acted like a drain
Photo Photo

Ok so its most likely not global warming.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

MP goes at 82

Oldest MP dies at 82

Labour MP Piara Khabra has died at the age of 82.
The Ealing Southall MP was the oldest in the Commons. First elected in 1992, Khabra was one of a small number of black and Asian MPs.

He should have left politics time ago; he hasn't helped Southall at all although when he did speak the truth about current situation in Southall he was labelled racist. Anyway hopefully we see a change maybe a real Sikh could step forward and make a difference!

Google the new 'CIA'?

Hyper-personal search 'possible'

"Google would consider keeping a user's search data for longer than 18 months if they had explicitly consented, one of the firm's key executives has said.

There are concerns among some privacy advocates that Google could know too much about a user's web history."

Well it seems your not safe anywhere these days, with British government now wanting finger prints, iris scans when you go for passport not long till the whole Big Brother thing becomes reality and we really do start to be controlled by the state.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My father owns a Mill

Satnam Singh was bearly 8 years old when one day while playing in school other kids asked him what does he want to become when he grows up. His answer was flat and plain, "My father owens a Mill." Basically he simply meant that I need to worry about that my father has a business which will offer me permanent seat anyway.

This conversation was overheard by his father who was there to drop his lunch. That day he decided that he will not give his entire estate to his son just like this. His son will have to climb the every step of the ladder o EARN it. When Satnam Singh completed his basic schooling he was asked to work in the mill with other workers and he will get the same salary what they get, so he can learn to sustain himself in the bare minimum income. The other idea was to learn about their concerns, to pick up their thought process, to take the responsibilities what they carried while on this position.

The next step of the ladder was to become the supervisor of his department. After some hard work he was moved there to learn his part of responsibility. It was to learn about what he had to do to get work from other people and keeping a good communication between workers and higher authorities in the mill. That was the time when Satnam Singh was married to Beant Kaur. His salary was increased as per supervisor standards. He was then to live with in that income and moreover to lcope up with household responsibilities while handling his job effectively.

The time came when he was promoted to manager's position. Now it was to put himself in Manager's shoes and think from his prospective. That was the time when he was blessed with a son too. His houshold work was also increased. The financial pressure also got increased along the way. He kept moving slowly and steadily.

Finally the day arrived when he eventually made to the highest chair in the Mill. HIs father then asked him to work with him and learn about my concerns and responsibilies before I give this chair to you. Satnam Singh took his job very seriously and became the most famous businessman in the area. He respected all of his employees since he had been there himself. He knew what it took there to make living. And the family pressure while you are living on the bare minimum income also taught him about their pains and struggles. He appreciated his "Father's Mill" way more now.

Sachay Patshah right from the beginning made us someone's child to teach what to expect from father and mother. Then HE gave us education of this world so we can start thinking in the right direction. HE blessed us with Married life to teach us the beautiful relationship between us "soul brides" and HIM the "Husband Lord." Furthermore HE blessedus with children to teach us the role of fathers and mothers, the givers, the protectors, the providers and HE gave us the expectations from our children that how they will become youth one day and serve us, make us feel proud with their pure Karmas.

Sachay Patshah wants us to go through everthing to learn practically about HIS "MILL" before HE hands us over.

Pitaa Mayro Bado Dhanni
Dun Guru Gobind Singh Pita
Bhayee Praapat Manukh Dehuriaa
Gobind Milan Kee Eh Teri Bariyaa
Awar Kaaj Taray Kittay Na Kaam
Mil Saadh Sangat Bhaj Kewal NAAM

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Britain's got talent

ok this is very funny. lol

and this girl whos 6 can really sing for once someone on tv who can.

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Sicko - Michael Moore on Oprah Show

All I'm going to say is, "god bless the NHS." It may have its faults but at least we have something!

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