Saturday, August 23, 2008

13 year old Singh passes Panjabi Language AS Level

13 year old Singh passes Panjabi Language AS Level
Friday 22nd of August 2008
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

Jagdeep Singh taking Hukamnama from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

London, UK (KP) - This week a 13 year old UK born Amritdhari Singh from North London became one of the youngest students to pass Panjabi Language AS Level in England. The AS level examination is the first year of the A Level examination normally taken by 17 year olds.

Jagdeep Singh, a student of the Compton School in Barnet, previously passed a GCSE in Panjabi Language with a grade A, aged 11.

Young Jagdeep is said to be happy with the result and looking forward to his other examinations in the near future. Last weekend, the young and talented devout Sikh boy was recommended to The Royal Institution of Great Britain for Mathematic masterclasses for Young People.

Jagdeep Singh and elder brother Ravjeet Singh

Commenting on Jagdeep's achievement, Ravjeet Singh, his elder brother, said: “Jagdeep Singh has worked very hard for his AS level whilst practicing his faith as a devout Sikh. He has proven again that children can achieve at a younger age with Waheguru’s Grace and if given the opportunity.”

Jagdeep Singh is also learning Kirtan and this year started his first Sehaj Paatth of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. His ambition is to be a faithful practicing Sikh and make his family and community proud.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


by Gurpreet Singh

Who wants to be normal ?
Was Guru Nanak Dev Ji normal when he walked 82,000 miles ?
Was Guru Gobind Singh ji normal when he asked for a head ?
Were any of the martyrs normal, choosing death than living like slaves ?
No, the devotees of God are not normal they are madly and deeply in love with God while the whole world thinks they are insane ...

When Guru Nanak Maharaj appeared from the river after three days, all soaked and with messy hair, people called him many things as guru nanak dev ji himself writes:

"Some call him a ghost; some say that he is a demon.
Some call him a mere mortal; O, poor Nanak! 1
Crazy Nanak has gone insane, after his Lord, the King.
I know of none other than the Lord. 1Pause" (SGGS jeeo-991)

So on this path to being a Gurmukh, forget about what the world thinks of you, forget about being normal, forget about fiiting in with society, think only of loving God, the Wondrous Creator and go where God takes you

Everyday is new,
every day my Master is New .. "sahib mera nit navaa"
every moment is wondrous,
every second something amazing is happening in the universe.

God is not just the Creator,
God is Karta Purakh...the Creative Being...
God is still the Master Artist
still creating ,
still being young and fresh
brilliant and beautiful,
if being normal means being bored ,
being stuck in another rut ,
then that God is not.

Being in love with God is exciting every day,
everday the love increases
everyday God calls me closer,
everyday the spiritual sun shines
brighter in my heart.

Don't be normal
be different
be in love with God
by loving the Name of your Beloved
swing your arms in joy

"Nanak says: swing your arms in joy!" (SGGS jeeo-22)

smile and laugh
while singing the Name of your Beloved
You are God's and God is Yours !

God says, "If you reform yourself, you shall meet me, and meeting me, you shall be at peace.
O Fareed, if you will be mine, the whole world will be yours."95 (SGGS jeeo-1382)

Khalsa are known to live like shooting stars, sometimes short-lived but always bright, wonderous, energetic and are an awe-inspiring spectacle for the world

Thank WAHEGURU jeeo you are not normal, you are Magnificent !


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sikh Ethnic Monitoring. A Scottish Step Backwards?

I have just been made aware of the fact that the Scottish Census has now deleted Sikhs as a separate ethnicity option. The Scottish executive has apparently redesigned its census putting consideration on ethnicity. It has introduced the option of being described as Scottish Indian/Pakistani etc BUT at the same time it has been reported to have deleted Sikhs as a separate ethnic group.

Surely this is a step back? While Sikhs are lobbying Houses of Parliament for separate ethnic monitoring and a change in census in England and Wales, Scotland on the other hand goes the exact opposite direction removing Sikh ethnicity option.

I find it astonishing firstly that if the Scottish census was able to recognise Sikhs as a separate ethnicity and have a separate tick box yet Sikh groups such as Sikh Federation UK, etc have to mount intensive lobbying campaigns of government just to get the census in England and Wales changed to do the same.

Regarding the removal of the Sikh ethnicity option in Scotland, Sikhs need to contact the Scottish Executive for clarification as to why they have done this followed by intensive campaign if needed to get it reversed as soon as possible.