Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mahraja Duleep Singh Children Workshop

I drove up to Thetford, Norfolk this week to hold workshops on Sikhi for local school kids. On Tuesday I went to the Ancient House Museum where they where holding a two day workshop to teach local school children about Sikhism.

First the children where greeted by a gentlemen dressed to be an advisor who lived through the end of Mahraja Ranjeet Singh’s Raaj and told the story of Mahraja Duleep Singh from birth to death and gave them information with some fun facts about his life as well as how the museum came about.

There where a few workshops taking place, I was running one work shop about Sikhism while there was another where the children had a chance to make parshada (chapattis). The Sikhi workshop was about making the kids aware of the Sikh identity in a fun way which would help them remember as well answering questions. We had 6 groups of children in the day and they had chances to dress up in cholla or the boys and kameez for the girls to try on. We also gave the children the opportunity to tie dastar while explaining about aspects of Sikhi such as Panj Kakkars (5 K’s), concept of God, Sikh appearances, Sikh way of life, Gurdwara, and Langar, alot to cover in twenty odd minutes.

As I got home in the evening I was invited to do presentations on Sikhism the next day (Wednesday) for Civil Servants at a Government Office, more about that tomorrow.


Sohne Dastar Vala said...

looks like u tied the dastaraa as they look exactly same as urs :)

TeraRoop said...


hey youuu... aww the kids are shooo cuteee =D

Waheguru Waheguru.. yay for campses!