Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kirtan in Memory of Bhai Rama Singh

Southall - End of Month Youth Keertan In Loving Memory of Bhai Rama Singh Ji
Saturday 25th August
7.30pm till late Singh Sabha Gurdwara,

Park Avenue, Southall. Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji (saint of southall) had the true
light of Waheguru shining brightly in him and was a true Khalsa.
Sangat never thought of him as old , he was forever young , always smiling.

He started the Waheguru kirtan programmes at 4am in southall and 5.30 am and Wednesday evening simran programmes at hounslow (Now at Sikh Missionary Society, Southall).

He got up in the early hours and did his amritvela, then made his way to southall and hounslow every morning.

Just to see him in the sangat was SO inspiring.

He was always at the kids camps - a beacon of light to all that were in darkness.

Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji would always recommend to everyone he met
to do ‘joria dee seva’ to clean the sangats shoes, to be humble.

If anyone wants to show love for Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji, then that would
have been his request - do joria dee seva , find humility and naam
simran , make your life successful, have the true light of the Khalsa
shining bright in you.

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