Monday, December 24, 2007

Reading Camp

Last weekend a Gurmat Camp was held at Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Reading, Berkshire. It was a weekend camp that started 9.45am on Saturday 15th December. Bhaji Sukhjeet Singh from Reading Gurdwara Sahib organised the camp and put a lot of effort into getting everything arranged. It was the first ever camp in Reading and we didn't know how much Sangat was going to come. The sevadaars that led the classes included Bhai Ravjeet Singh, his younger brother Jagdeep Singh, Bhaji Harbir Singh, Bhaji Gurpreet Singh, Bhenji Pardeep Kaur and Bhaji Vijay Singh. Bhaji Arwinder Singh and Bhaji Sukhjit Singh did a lot of running around and getting things organised. It was great how Guru Sahib got all the sevadaars and the Sangat together! Waheguru.

If you've been to Reading Gurdwara, you will know that the PARKING is a nightmare! Waheguru! The Gurdwara road has cars on both side and you just about squeeze through, so you can imagine finding a car park space can be stressful (especially with my parking skills! Waheguru!). But with Guru Sahib's Kirpaa, when there are any special programmes at the Gurdwara Sahib, then Gurdwara Sahib hires out the nearby church car park or Thames Valley University car park. During camp the Sangat could park their cars at the university. I'll post more about the camp with the photos in the next part.

The campers where aged 5 years + and split up into three groups, 5-9 years, 10-15 years, 16 years plus. The campers went through various workshops and seminars which included discussions on issues different generations are feeling. Campers got chance to air problems they face at school, work and home and find solutions or places they could seek help from. After 1 hour to 90 minutes depending there was a little break as well as tasty langar throughout the day! Day one of camp was concluded with rehraas and Keertan carrying on late into the night.

Day two started earlier with campers arriving early even though many had stayed late into the night day before. Following Hukamnamma and English explinations campers sat through an interactive talk on Gursikh jeevan followed by questions and answers. The next workshop was dastar tieing. While many people boys, girls, men and women had chance to tie dastar (turban) they also had chance to have informal chat with gursikhs regarding any problems or questions they may have.

The finally of the camp was inform of Kirtan and Katha by Bhai Manvir Singh, Dass Ravjeet Singh and Bhai Vijay Singh for over 1 hour and a half. After this Anand Sahib, Ardaas and Hukamnamma was taken then discussed in English. With Guru Sahib’s grace the camp was a great success.

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