Monday, March 31, 2008

Free Tibet

This week the Olympic torch will be reaching UK and pro tibet protestors have protests lined up but whats happened to the Sikhs?

When Babaaar was doing evil Guru Nanak Sahib raised his voice and protested calling im Jabbar. Babaar then put Guru Sahib in Jail and Guru sahib got everyone in jail together and protested. Babaaar then had to free Guru Sahib. China is doing injustice against Tibet and what are we doing?

Would Guru Nanak Sahib be at sotheby's Auction house bumping up the price of some artifact or Guru Sahib be protesting about Human Rights and freedom from the baabars in China?

Should Sikhs be protesting?

Today me and YOU are the Babaaar watching this evil!

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