Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sikh Ethnic Monitoring. A Scottish Step Backwards?

I have just been made aware of the fact that the Scottish Census has now deleted Sikhs as a separate ethnicity option. The Scottish executive has apparently redesigned its census putting consideration on ethnicity. It has introduced the option of being described as Scottish Indian/Pakistani etc BUT at the same time it has been reported to have deleted Sikhs as a separate ethnic group.

Surely this is a step back? While Sikhs are lobbying Houses of Parliament for separate ethnic monitoring and a change in census in England and Wales, Scotland on the other hand goes the exact opposite direction removing Sikh ethnicity option.

I find it astonishing firstly that if the Scottish census was able to recognise Sikhs as a separate ethnicity and have a separate tick box yet Sikh groups such as Sikh Federation UK, etc have to mount intensive lobbying campaigns of government just to get the census in England and Wales changed to do the same.

Regarding the removal of the Sikh ethnicity option in Scotland, Sikhs need to contact the Scottish Executive for clarification as to why they have done this followed by intensive campaign if needed to get it reversed as soon as possible.

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