Sunday, November 23, 2008


I got this sent in email yesterday


Poem by a Gupt Singhanee!

The self willed manmukh feeds his panj chor,contiuously asking for more and more.
Knowing in the end the pain that awaits,yet still going out with so called mates.
Tangled in the web of maya,wanting every possible wordly desire.
Living his life like hes going to live forever,comforting himself saying ''never,never''.
Little does he know the end is so touchibly near,why is he not worried??
Not living in fear?
For what awaits him is 8.4 joon,a single rock glaring up at the moon, the unfortunate being forgot the creator,all he could do was say 'later,later'.
This it the fate that lies ahead, for those who are living,but ultimatley dead!

ikAw qU soieAw jwgu ieAwnw ]
kiaa thoo soeiaa jaag eiaanaa ||
Why are you asleep? Wake up, you ignorant fool!

qY jIvnu jig scu kir jwnw ]1] rhwau ]
thai jeevan jag sach kar jaanaa ||1|| rehaao ||
You believe that your life in the world is true. ||1||Pause||




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Preet said...

why shell i live in fear when all im doing is in hukum, for real.
does not my guru* care for me and gives me all to enjoy all
i am his child after all.
then why shall i fear for the things he has given?
8.4 joons are my creators creation, if he wills i have no choice but to be created again in one of them; maybe in joon i think isnt as special as human, but who am i to judge, i have never heard them complaining.

has he forgotten the creator or has the creator cause him to forget?
all i am asked is to pray for those
whom god has created their destiny to forget!
the fate is true, yet is it in my hands?
all i know is creator wished death on those who seem to be living but r ultimately dead!=)

now to support my poem i can tell you the inspiring words
that have lead me to the truth
which takes away the fear one of the names is the light!
am i wrong or right
at the end it doesnt matter
cuz the string is in the hands of the one whom i call my master!
much love

~fear none (S.G. Tegbhadur Ji) ~

bhul chuk muaff