Saturday, October 03, 2009

Two place God does not reside

Video from
Bhai Surjeet Singh at Khalsa Camp 2009,


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be disrespectful about this man, But isn't this a comment/comment straight from Panth Ratan Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskin's Katha. I have been listening to Maskin Sahib for the past thirty five years and have heard him say thousands of times. Great Teachings by Maskin Sahib ji. We should all pay respect to him, always and forever.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Gyaan does NOT belong to anyone whether it be Maskeen Sahib or any other Great Gursikh.

Gyaan and Sojhee belong to Guru Sahib along and Gursikh would always give credit to Guru jee for their wisdom and vichaar.

I am sure Maskeen Sahib would think the same.