Monday, June 26, 2006

Singhnee Warriors - their dark side

I was just reading Tapoban forum and camp across this. I have to say it wasn’t what I was expecting but made me laugh but at the same time it is so true.. hehe. :D

Author: Kulbir Singh
Date: 01-24-05 20:20

This is about my wife. She is a proud Khalsa and always stays dressed in Khalsa attire - Blue Baana. She always wears a 1 foot long sarbloh kirpaan and follows Sarbloh Bibek rehit. She is a big fan of Sant Bhindranwalay and insists on keeping a picture of Sant jee in her car and also in our home. She always talks about chardi kala stuff. But recently I discovered her dark side.

Recently couple of mice came to our house (to check out Singhnee Warriors at our home), through the exhaust opening. We tried many ways to catch the mice but all failed. Meanwhile, Singhnee jee was keeping brave face and encouraged my efforts. We bought few mouse traps from the dollar store and in one night we caught 4 mice (they must have multiplied through reproduction).

Until yesterday, I used to think that my wife was an embodiment of old time Singhnees. Anyway, she asked me to throw out the mice caught in the mousetrap, as she was busy doing something else. Unaware of the real reasons for her request, I innocently started placing the mice out of our house. I got hold of the mouse by its tail and was about to throw it out when I remembered to ask something from my wife. I started walking towards the bedroom where my wife was.

As soon as my wife saw the mouse in my hand, she jumped up on the bed and covered herself with our blanket. Obviously I was a little perplexed at her behaviour. I moved closer to her to ask her something and I noticed extreme fear on her countenance (face). I got encouraged by this and moved closer to her and all of sudden I heard a very loud scream. So loud was the scream that I almost dropped the mouse. First I thought the scream was coming from the mouse but soon I realised that it was my brave Shiri Mati jee.

Boy! was I glad to discover her mouse phobia. I did not want to let go this golden opportunity at any cost. All of sudden, I came out of my shareef mode and moved the mouse closer to her.

She hysterically screamed, "ehnoo lai jaayo. PLLEEAAASE"!! (take him away please).

I laughed devilishly, "well nothing comes without price. What will I get in return for sparing you today and by the way what were you thinking yesterday, when you argued with me?". I thought of getting even with her over another incident from yesterday.

"Anything you wish. Just take it away. And I will never argue with you again. I am sorry for yesterday.", she pleaded.

Muhhahahaahah! I laughed. "Well, I need gajrela (sweet dish made out of carrots and milk), samosay, barfee, popcorn, cake, cookies and Maah dee Daal with tandoor di roti by tomorrow. If you agree to this, I will take this mouse away."

She was desparate now and promised to make all my favourite dishes the next day and much more. I gladly took away the mouse and left him outside. I thanked the mouse for helping me out.

Today my wife claimed that Khalsa has been created to fight lions and not mice. Therefore, she was not prepared to face a mouse. hehe!

My question to all my bhains and daughters out there. Why after amrit chhak do you all have this mouse phobia. Almost all bibiyaan I know are scared of mouse. How come?

My benti to all those who know me personally. Please don't tell my wife that I wrote this story about her. She is scared of mice not me. I will be in big trouble if she finds out I wrote all this and you may not hear from me on this forum for a long time.


Anonymous said...

in order to read this blog post I have to highlight the font and read it... Why don't you use white font rather than black font, so it's much easier to read =)

gskalra said...

Certain people have certain fears. Like for me i fear cockroaches. It's not something to be ashamed about, if your wife is afraid of mice so be it, its human, doesn't mean your Khalsa you will be 100% fearless, NO. You will have things you fear, its just that you have to learn to overcome them.

And as for blackmailing your wife(nice), but very bad very bad(just for all the bibiyan), hehehe. I think when i get married and have the hankering for some of my favourite dishes, i'll pull the same stunt.

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

hehehhehehehehehehhehehe :)

Anonymous said...

hahhahahaha jokesssssss

Anonymous said...

its because mice are dirty :( eeeeeeew