Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Your Everything

Been a bit busy recently anyway just come across this shabad. :)

This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Aasaa on Anng 350

Awsw mhlw 1 ]
aasaa mehalaa 1 ||
Aasaa, First Mehl:

jyqw sbdu suriq Duin qyqI jyqw rUpu kwieAw qyrI ]
jaethaa sabadh surath dhhun thaethee jaethaa roop kaaeiaa thaeree ||
As much as the Shabad is in the mind, so much is Your melody; as much as the form of the universe is, so much is Your body, Lord.

qUM Awpy rsnw Awpy bsnw Avru n dUjw khau mweI ]1]
thoo(n) aapae rasanaa aapae basanaa avar n dhoojaa keho maaee ||1||
You Yourself are the tongue, and You Yourself are the nose. Do not speak of any other, O my mother. ||1||

swihbu myrw eyko hY ]
saahib maeraa eaeko hai ||
My Lord and Master is One;

eyko hY BweI eyko hY ]1] rhwau ]
eaeko hai bhaaee eaeko hai ||1|| rehaao ||
He is the One and Only; O Siblings of Destiny, He is the One alone. ||1||Pause||

Awpy mwry Awpy CofY Awpy lyvY dyie ]
aapae maarae aapae shhoddai aapae laevai dhaee ||
He Himself kills, and He Himself emancipates; He Himself gives and takes.

Awpy vyKY Awpy ivgsY Awpy ndir kryie ]2]
aapae vaekhai aapae vigasai aapae nadhar karaee ||2||
He Himself beholds, and He Himself rejoices; He Himself bestows His Glance of Grace. ||2||

jo ikCu krxw so kir rihAw Avru n krxw jweI ]
jo kishh karanaa so kar rehiaa avar n karanaa jaaee ||
Whatever He is to do, that is what He is doing. No one else can do anything.

jYsw vrqY qYso khIAY sB qyrI vifAweI ]3]
jaisaa varathai thaiso keheeai sabh thaeree vaddiaaee ||3||
As He projects Himself, so do we describe Him; this is all Your Glorious Greatness, Lord. ||3||

kil klvwlI mwieAw mdu mITw mnu mqvwlw pIvqu rhY ]
kal kalavaalee maaeiaa madh meet(h)aa man mathavaalaa peevath rehai ||
The Dark Age of Kali Yuga is the bottle of wine; Maya is the sweet wine, and the intoxicated mind continues to drink it in.

Awpy rUp kry bhu BWqIN nwnku bpuVw eyv khY ]4]5]
aapae roop karae bahu bhaa(n)thee(n) naanak bapurraa eaev kehai ||4||5||
He Himself assumes all sorts of forms; thus poor Nanak speaks. ||4||5||

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Anonymous said...

hi very nice blog. just wondering how u got Gurmukhi fonts on ur blog?

rsingh said...

with fire fox you can copy and paste straight from or you can use a software called gurmukhi unicode.
or there is a big thread on just do a search or look in the techie section. :)