Friday, December 01, 2006

Southall from 30 years ago

Im just taking a breaking from writing my course work up. Im having to go through financial ratios of Ted Baker Plc and another company. Its so long! Any way I just came across some intresting pics from Paramjit Singh's Blog.

Southall 30 Years ago, ok so it might not be that wiked but I found it intresting lol. I should really dig up my parents old pics of 20+ years ago theres some really funny ones! Trust me! haha :P

I bet theres still some Panjabi houses with the same or similar wall papper in Southall... hehe
Southall Station! Wow I recognise sign! it doesnt seem to have changed much!

"this was southall, little over 30 years ago, when the first Sikhs came from east africa. in late 60's to early 70's, west london had a difference face altogether. they brought with them their colourful and lively culture which has transformed society today."

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