Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Southall Youth Keertan Recordings

Recordings from Novembber Southall youth keertan are now up on The next end of month youth keertan falls on this weekend comming on Saturday 30th from 7.30pm in the upper hall. We are currently working on getting a live broadcaste up hopefully with Guroo Sahibs Kirpa.

For more info keep tuned into the blog :-)


Anonymous said...


gonna be great!

upstairs gonna rock!

rsingh said...

bahahahaa Yes it will :D

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Ravjeet to do kirtan. I hear he's gonna be the next Manpreet Singh.....

rsingh said...

err no Ravjeet Singh will not be doing keertan!

But you can sukhi baba. Please don’t make me post your photo on this blog with matrimonial details!! LoL


Anonymous said...

omg, is sukhi baba gonna be there?

c u there,


G said...

Rav bhaji is doin kirtan! I got an email that had his name on it for kirtanis.

I rememba u did kirtan a few months ago as well :D

How come its in upstairs hall? Dont the gyanis sleep there?

rsingh said...

okkkk Welcome to the blog Sukhjeets imaginery friend rob. Geeza you need to get married soon your OLD get rid of the make up friends. LOL

Whos G???? I've been thinking of someone who comes to keertan darbaar with name begining with G but cant think of anyone. Hmmm so you wanta tell me who you are?

bt manvir Singh will be doing keertan so woohoo and Bh Abinash Singh ... so it will ROCK...haha

rsingh said...

btw upstairs rocks! It use to be upstairs back in the days, main reason gyanis want the stage as it will be busy this weekend being new yearws, etc.