Thursday, October 09, 2008

Can We Take The 5ks Off?

Question : Should the 5 Kakars be kept with you during sleep and head covered during sleep?

When Guru Gobind Singh Jee stood infront of the ocean of Sikhs holding the mighty curved sri sahib above his head asking for a head, he created an army called the Khalsa. Khalsa Akal Purakh Kee Fauj.

But this army of khalsa soldiers was not merely fighting the battle against Moghuls, Hill Rajas and thieves and bandits. These Khalsa warriors had the more important life of death struggle against the 5 enemies inside them to fight as well.

Every army has its code of conduct, reporting structure and uniform. All these items maintain discipline within each warrior and unite each individual with one another into an army. Like one finger is weak, but a 4 fingers and a thumb combine into a fist.

The external uniform is the 5Ks and a covered head, if every Khalsa soldier wears the same uniform then they are united like a fist. A soldier in any other army will go to his bed at night and remove his uniform. His daily external battle is over, he can relax for the night.

The Khalsa warrior on the other hand has no time to rest. The 5 enemies never sleep, they dont allow the Khalsa warrior the luxury of relaxing for the night and then resuming the battle at sunrise.

If the 5 enemies don't get tired of attacking us, then the Khalsa doesn't get tired of fighting them. I can't be in the warrior frame of mind if I'm not wearing my Khalsa Uniform. My discipline has gone, my defences are down, the front door is open for the 5 enemies to conquor me in my dreams and in my bed.

Visar Nahee Datar Apanay Naam Deho
Gun gava din raat Nanak Chao eho.

Never Forget me Giver, Give me your naam
May I sing your praises day and NIGHT this is Nanak's desire.

Being Khalsa is not a day job - it's my life, every moment I am tested...night and day I have to think did I remember naam or did the 5 enemies get the better of me?

So it is not acceptable for a Khalsa warrior to let their defences down by removing the 5K uniform and uncovering their head at night.


Gurumustuk Singh said...

You make valid points, however I think these things are left to the individual to determine for themself.

When the sun comes up I comb my hair and tie it up with a turban. At night time let my hair down and comb it back. This is very healthy for the head/hair and promote circulation in the head/hair.

Having your hair tied up and in a turban all the time is not the most healthy in my opinion. But that is my experience, and we can both do what we feel is right. I don't feel I am "putting down my defenses" by doing this.

The point is that it is a matter or perspective and we all have a right to do things how we see best for ourselves. However, we shouldn't force our beliefs and opinions on others.

We are Khalsa...but we are also householders.

rskhalsa said...

I see your point and agree we should alow our kesh to be open I do this also but I keep my Keski (small Turban) with me at all times. I usually tie is around my waist or when drying just open like a scaff covering your head.