Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The Dalai Lama specifically states the smile is a sign of a spiritual person. It shows a person who is content and happy with Bhana that he lives with. Those who know Bhai Sahib Jeevan Singh know what an enigmatic smile he has. It lights up a whole room. Similar Bhai Rama Singh was like that. Naam rassia gursikhs have a reddened face, but also have a smile not just on the lips, but the eyes and the rest of the face as well.

By Bhai Jagjit Singh Jee

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. Often we miss these simple things in life. The simple things are the best things. I have found my self that a smile is really very strong. It not only cheers you up but has an effect on people around you. We really don’t smile enough our lives are so stressed but I can’t imagine Guroo Sahib not smiling. That is Chardi Kala.

In life you find people often are jealous and or look down at you for small reasons but always smile and remember Guroo Sahib is with you, Gursikhs shouldn’t look down at any one. You know a Singh who I look up to recently told me how he came in to Sikhi. He said he use to smoke, drink everything, was a mona. One day a Gursikh came into the room was smiling and hugged everyone and hugged him with pyar to. That shocked him that an amritdharhi had so much pyar. Now singh is a tyar by tyar amritdharhi gursikh who I look up to as well. That Gursikh who hugged him is how we should be, smiling not looking at non amirtdhahris or those who differ from our way of thinking as inferior.

So what you waiting for SMILE!!! Give it ago you know you want to. Vahiguroo Jeeoo


satvinder said...

This is a lovely post! Lots of smiles coming your way veer ji (",)
(",) (",) (",) (",)

Preet said...

You know one of the best things bout smiling.....its a universal language! No matter where in the world you end up - a smile will always carry the message! :o)

Baba 108 < u KNOW who said...

I lowee to smile but when I do people think im upto somthing

TeraRoop said...