Monday, January 02, 2006

Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib Audio added.

Just added Sukhmani Sahib. Its over 1 hour 10 mins where one person says one line and sangat says the next. At the end its done in keertan form. Click on audio for the link to download this and other tracks.

Audio Section Link


TeraRoop said...

My blog broke =(..


rskhalsa said...

huh how ??? :S

Anonymous said...

the file sukhmani in keertan form doesnt work singh ji

rskhalsa said...

Works fine. Open it with windows Media Player. Any problems please let me know.

ss said...

Works fine here - just downloaded it and opened it in XMMS just fine.

The direct link to the file (in case you're still having problems - though it is best to follow the links from the audio section) is

(the spaces and brackets have been encoded in the latter url to avoid any difficulties).

Rsingh Ji - many thanks for making this available.

rskhalsa said...

Thanks for putting direct link to :)

all can be found now at