Saturday, February 25, 2006

Calming the Mind

Don't give your mind permission to get disturbed
a disturbed mind is easily influenced

This will cost you your peace
Learn to maintain your peace
by freeing yourself from attachments
competing or comparing yourself with others
will not allow you to focus inwards
An inner focus allows you to
keep your eye on your higher self

Remember your original nature
It allows you to forge a like with the Divine
Then it becomes easy to recognise useless thoughts
and replace them with a spiritual perspective
Introversion replaces inner sorrow
with praise for God
you feel delight. You feel renewed.
God is teaching us how to turn within
so listen very carefully.
Keep a check on yourself and change
Don't wait for others to say something.

A calm mind is not just peaceful
It is focussed, self-Directing and Divine.