Friday, February 03, 2006


I just had last exam. woohooo

Now I got a music assesment and coursework this weekend. And start of the new semester on Monday. :(

All audios from keertan at penjee Simrit Kaurs house are now up.

Click here for simran playing on rsingh blog (bibi Prajeet Kaur)
Click here for simran playing on Gurbani Khajana blog (bibi Ishpreet Kaur)


Singhstah said...

I bet u did bare wikid in ur exams veerji :).

Coursework=ARGH, Im in same boat as ju, english essay,english story, history essay, and maths project :S

asdasjdhas said...

Nice Simran files!

Anonymous said...

is the simran that starts when we open this website on that link as well? Could you tell us which file that simran is ?

rsingh said...

I have edited the thread and put up simran from this blog and my other blog. :)