Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today was weird. I have to run from one part of London to another for simran at Sikh Society and as I was about to cross the road a car went past with a coffin. you automatically imagine to se a big one for an adult but it was really small and white. I was just taken back a bit, made me realise as well that we never know when we are going to go.

Any way after simran I went back to my campus for my seminar and on the way back some med students where collecting for a charity. The charity was for youth who would not live to see there 19th birthday.

I was just thinking I’m only what 20 and I have just started to live in my terms where by I got my bit of freedom and stuff. I dunno it just brings things home to you.

I guess I will end on, Live life to fullest, enjoy have fun but most importantly realise your goal in life and jaap naam. Vahiguroo.

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Singhstah said...

wow, none of us know when its gonna be our turn, wow.