Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Choco Cake

Yesterday I decided to cooked after ages, so I decided on Chocolate Cake. Didn't look perfect but tastes wicked. :)

Chocolate Cake Recipe:

* 1Cup curd
* 1 Cup Sugar

* 1 and half cups white floor
* 1tea spoon baking powder

* Half cup light cooking oil

* 3tablespoons full Drinking chocolate

* 1teaspoon coffee

* whipping cream for decoration

Blend curd with sugar, sieve all the dry ingds, mix all together make chocolate paste with one teaspoon milk and the 3 table spoons of chocolate a\and coffee bake at moderate heat Dhan Guru Nanak facehearts.gif
recipe from

I left out the coffee and put melted chocolate instead. Oh and I couldn't be asked with the cream decoration. its doesent look perfect but any way here is a pic... there's a really nice sarbloh cake posted on by Nihang Singh (Click Here for Thread).

I might work on Pizza today yaaay. :D


Anonymous said...

MmmMMMmm... Your Wife is going to be One Lucky Woman ... Eh... lol ..

rsingh said...

LOL yeh she can live on cakes... hehe
maade bread yesterday and this morning :D

Anonymous said...

Parji there are one two many Badaam on the second cake picture. I can just imagine choking on one of those Badaam. Perhaps they shud be cut in half or boiled and made soft.

Other than that the cakes look NICE :D

rsingh said...

The second one is from the forum, Yeh i thought to many badams to but looks nice :)