Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Ride

This week has been hectic. I handed in 4 coursework’s and did a group presentation. Some one was chatting to me and through up a number of questions with regards to Sikhi of which a lot had a theme running through of a thing called "love." Anyway I was just surfing and I found this poem on I wanted to share:

The Ride

I stepped into this ride that they say gets you to Him.
My companions had worked very hard,
They were still working hard,
For I had not worked very hard but still got the chance to get a ride.

I sat in it without knowing or caring what it really was.
For the love was deep, Blind love they call it.
When I sat there, It felt like I reached my destination.
There was still a long way to get to Him,
Yet the speed just seemed to get faster and uncontrollable,
It was an amazing ride though...

Whatever happened on the way,
I was not strong enough to face the increasing speed,
In a second I fell down from that ride that had taken me even higher than the skies.

From the fall I suffer wounds that deeply struck my heart,
But now I know,
Not to just get on the ride,
For you need the strength to cope with the increasing speed.

By remembering Him more, by yearning for Him,
That strength will increase,

One day I will get on the ride and never fall back...

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