Monday, November 13, 2006

Return to blogspot

I’m returning to blogspot after we had problems with the .com and its gone offline, I think I prefer blogspot anyway although I don’t know how often I will blog as I’m busy with other stuff at the moment.

I was watching alpha etc airing of keertan from Sri Harimandir Sahib and this shabad was being sung by the raagi jatha was beautiful.

gurmuiK jIvY mrY prvwxu ]
guramukh jeevai marai paravaan ||
The Gurmukhs are celebrated in life and death.

Awrjw n CIjY sbdu pCwxu ]
aarajaa n shheejai sabadh pashhaan ||
Their lives are not wasted; they realize the Word of the Shabad.

gurmuiK mrY n kwlu n Kwey gurmuiK sic smwvixAw ]2]
guramukh marai n kaal n khaaeae guramukh sach samaavaniaa ||2||
The Gurmukhs do not die; they are not consumed by death. The Gurmukhs are absorbed in the True Lord. ||2||

Whole Shabad click here


Anonymous said...

yaah man... use google's free services!!

rsingh said...

lol singh so true hahaa

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

oh well. ur back with the rest of us :)