Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sweet Sikhi Articles

There are a number of articles on SweetSikhi.com which are worth a read here is one:

Naam – the Divine Name
Vaheguru's presence is everywhere, supporting all things at all times – in today’s language we could say the energy structure of the whole Universe. The Indian mystics and Sikh Gurus call that presence of Vaheguru, of the Supreme Light Energy Being – ‘Naam’.

Other people call it by different names and don’t always associate it with Vaheguru. New age people and Reiki practitioners call it "Life Force", Indian Yogis call it the "Praana", Chinese martial artists and monks call it "Chee", Christians call it "The Holy Spirit". Essentially it is the presence of Vaheguru, which is inside us, and supporting absolutely everything. There is nothing in this world, which equals the value of the Divine Name. The Lord and His Name are identical. They are one. The Power of Naam holds the whole creation together, including the elements of Nature. All the universes stand projected and are held together by the Power of Naam. Naam is the support of all beings; Naam is the support of the whole universe. Naam unites the devotee with the Lord. Naam cements the bond, the true relationship of the worshipper with the Worshipped.

Naam is the food of the lover of the Divine Name. Hunger does not trouble him. Naam is
his eternal companion and he needs no other friends because he is never alone. Naam is
his true shelter and he does not, therefore, seek any other shelter. Naam is his existence,
as he cannot live without Naam. Naam is his honour, as he never cares for any worldly

Some Teachings from Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee
􀂃 Men and women are equal
– “Why call woman bad? From her, great kings are born.” (473)
􀂃 See Vaheguru in everyone and everywhere
– “Amongst all is the Light-You are that Light.” (13)
􀂃 No one is lower than another person – the Divine resides in all of us
– “O my mind! You are the embodiment of the Divine Light - recognise
the true origin of yourself.” (441)
􀂃 There is a Universal Religion of Truth, which is the best religion.
– “Of all religions, the best religion is to meditate on Naam and maintain
pure conduct.” (266)

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cool article paji. i really like sweet sikhi website and love the weekly radio show on panjab radio. keep up the good work.