Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Brother Shilpa Shetty Racism?

I wouldn't have normally bought this subject up but it’s all over the news at the moment.

At the moment in UK channel 4 is airing Celebrity big Brother which is basically unknown celebrities (if you can call them that) whose carriers have come to an end are locked in a house and watched 24 7. This time they chucked in a bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. (Again I don’t know much about Shilpa Shetty as I don’t follow bollywood).

Rows have been breaking out this week with complaints poring in from start of this week to the independent regulators (ICT) and channel 4 the producers that Shilpa Shetty is facing racism other house mates mainly 3 women. This morning I was watching news and saw clips of the celebrities saying, "she can’t even speak English, and "she should go back home."

At the start of this week I didn’t consider what was going on as racism but after today’s news report I thought to my self if someone said "go back home" to me in the street I would class it as racism. Its interesting that its broken out all over the news and even in parliament with the future wannabe prime minister, Gordon Brown speaking out as well. Living in UK and London I think this is a wider under lying problem. Living in diverse area such as London I feel I face less of this then another singh may face living in place such as Scotland where you would find more frequent racism.

Some say its just clash of culture and class, well I think its partly that and partly fact Jade is uneducated.


Anonymous said...

yh, must say, this is quite sad. I wouldn't have thought that so called "celebrities" would be racist, they mingle with all people right, so it's weird. It's actually quite scary that such thoughts are in the mindsets of people, they can't see the fact that we are all Vaehguru's creation...

btw, yh, right ur not into bollywood! hahahha!

Anonymous said...

i tink jade is thick so she says silly things but danielle and jo seem clever. they pretend to be shilpa's friends but laugh and mock her behind her back - thats nasty!!!!!

i think everyone should write to ofcom to complain about the racism and ask for danielle, jo and jade all to face the consequences of their racist bullying!!! jus imagine skool kids watch this and they will think its okay to mock asian, indian or sikh ppl's name, laugh at their food and how they eat and belittle others.