Thursday, January 25, 2007


This morning dass received an email in which a bhenji who is launching her new site sent a link and info. Normally I probably would have had a look and that would have been the end of it but this site got me thinking. The email described it as:

Journey through the Khalsa Collection of symbolic Sikh Jewellery

& Accessories, Malas,T-Shirts and Home Accessories.

Khalsa collection Sikh Jewellery?? My first issue is Sikh jewellery and the fact that I remember a while back when a model donned a kind of dastar and had a khanda we had up roar I remember the article on Panthic Weekly. Now to specify that it is Sikh jewellery when it doesn’t really have association with Sikh dharam. I think calling it Panjabi would have been more fitting and would not have caused any problems.

I visited the web site and what did I find but the banner for a site selling "Sikh" jewellery has a Hindu Aum sign in its banner just bellow Ik Oankaar []. If we call something Sikh then the minimum we can do is keep it some what Sikhi.

Just some thoughts. What do you guys think?


Prabhu Singh said...

Looking at the website I think the inventor wasn't trying to say that it is THE jewelry of the Khalsa, but rather jewelry inspired by the Khalsa, using Khalsa imagery. People are going to do what they're going to do, we have no domain on a person's free will. i.e. if we disagree we have no right to force somebody to stop making jewelry. We can express our opinions to them directly and see what they do with that. We probably shouldn't be in an uproar about anybody else's behavior but our own. We should act neutrally for a cause rather than re-act negatively as a result of something.

rsingh said...

Veerji the use of gurbani especially Ik Oankaar for T-shirts and jewellery is wrong. Gurbani should be treated with utmost respect. When we do metha tek to guroo granth sahib ji, we do not metha tek to mahrajs physical form but to shabad guroo. This is disrespecting shabad by printing it on t-shirts and making it into jewellery.

Prabhu Singh said...

Gurbani should totally be respected, however people have different ideas of respect. You believe that it is wrong to print Ek Ong Kar on jewelry, but others don't think it is wrong. In India I have seen Ek Ong Kar and the Khanda inscribed on so many things in so many places. Although I wouldn't put the sacred symbols of Sikhs in certain places, others do it of their own free will and believe that it is respectful. God is behind all actions, and there is no right or wrong, only thinking makes it so. If these things offend you they should be a minor offense and used to focus your energy more on how you individually respect and live by Gurbani.