Saturday, October 27, 2007

London Sikhi Month 2007

This year instead of the usual Sikhi Week which take place every semester we have a whole month.

London B.O.S.S. proudly presents...
"…A month of talks and discussions centred around being a Sikh and the Sikh way of life."


Thursday 1st November 2007
King's College, 6-8pm

Daya (compassion) is the foundation for living a truthful life. Daya along with Truth (Sat), Contentment (Santokh), Humility (Nimrata) and Love (Pyaar) are essential to a Sikh and being a better human being. Do you show compassion to your mind and body? How can we attain a true spiritual balance where we can find happiness?

Thursday 8th November 2007
City University, 6-8pm

For Sikhs, the word "Dharma" means the "Path of righteousness". What is the "righteous path"? That is the question that the Gurbani (the Sikh Scriptures) answer. Why did Guru Nanak Sahib Ji come on earth? What is the need finding the 'Sat Guru' (True Guru)? Why choose to walk the Path of Sikhi?

Thursday 15th November 2007
Queen Mary's Uni, 6-8pm

What does it take to walk the Path of Truth? How can one walk the walk, talk the talk and step on the Path of Truth in a world of Falsehood? A walk through time looking at the courage of Sikh men and women in history.

Thursday 22nd November 2007
UCL, 6-8pm

A look at social, spiritual, and Panthic issues that affect our personal development. Addressing issues of how we can remain strong in our faith whilst at university & staying away from home, and examining the challenges we all face in our day to day lives from society and from within.

Thursday 29th November 2007
Imperial College, 6-8pm

A look at the accomplishments of the sovereign Sikh community through Sikh history and how the Guru has bestowed his Sikhs as masters. What does it mean today to be a Sikh and find the Sikh path? Looking at Sikhs of the past, present and future. How will Sikhs from western hemisphere affect the Panth and lead the Sikhs into future?

"Take one step towards the Guru, and the True Guru will take millions of steps forward towards you."

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