Friday, October 19, 2007

Picture Of The Day: Sikhs Shower Flowers On Muslims On Eid

Found this on another blog, the pyaar the Sikhs have shown is in the true spirit of Sikhi. :)

The flowers were raining outside the Eidgah in Bhopal. The beauty of this picture lies in the fact that Sikh boys are welcoming the Muslims coming out of Eidgah after offering the Namaz with flowers.

The Sikh community welcomes the Muslims after Namaz in Bhopal, as a goodwill gesture. For decades the office-bearers of local Sikh organisations have been greeting Muslims ‘Eid Mubarak’ in this manner.

Naturally, such a gesture overwhelms the other community. Reaching out to the other community is the need of the hour. We must celebrate the festivals of the other community and spread the message of harmony.

Such photographs are rare as people are getting narrow-minded and don’t prefer interacting with other communities and groups. Working relationships are okay but family ties are not as strong as they used to be in the past.

In this case there is no political platform but the ordinary Sikhs meeting ordinary Muslims. And this is the spirit of Hindustaniat. Kudos to the Sikh organisations who take this extra step towards reaching to the other community. This photo has a lesson for everybody among us to learn. Will we?

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Arsalan Aly said...

What A greattt mssg to every Muslims n Sikh ... they shud united all over in de world... no war no panga shanga... onlyy peace n love n ... bangra disco