Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Late for Uni... Again :(

I'm late for Uni, mann things getting bit much some times to much to think about and sort out. Taken on to much responsibility. And on top the tube lines been messed. God willing should be sorted today.

So I set off for uni. I was late anyway thought I would quickly post something at post office. Went in and there's a massive queue. Standing behind his old women who suddenly starts talking to her self out loud in some foreign language and then starts singing and dancing.... at this point everyone is getting a bit freaked, im avoiding all eye contact with her.... Anyway I finally get to front of the queue and the women doesn't go to the check out instead stands there telling everyone else where to go... :S
Finally posted it. So Im going to bus station and there goes my bus... as you can see my luck isn't getting any better.

Finally got on the train and there's this cute kid playing with his mum. aww yes. And now I'm at uni. lol


Sony said...

haha lol :) reminds me of a lot of experiences that i've had at public places downtown or on the transit here :P freakkkkyyyyyyyy

rsingh said...

yh keep laughing didnt get any better. on way home the train stopped before my station due to signal failures... then it started rainging and there was no bus. finally got home tired and hungry.

Sony said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww (}) u poor thing!!

TeraRoop11 said...

haha poor Veerji - this is why you should drive lol..