Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sikh Research Institute Workshop

Last Saturday I went to this workshop on Sikh done by a dude from America. His name is Harinder Singh from SRI (Sikh Research Institute). The work shop was really good, professionally done (rare for UK, haha) and inspiring as well as thought provoking. We even got SRI pen, (oooooo I hear you say, you know you want one.)

Well after that some of us decided to go to a keertan program that was happening so we started of. It started rain, not to heavy so I was cool. We though might as well do Rehraas Sahib Paath so we started. Looked militant with Manvir Singh sticking out like a sore thumb in his white kurta, and me in a blue one haha.

On the way back there's me and Manvir I'm telling him about really rubbish week I had as we are rushing down steps to get train. Well I nearly tripped and there's him laughing, at my luck which doesn't seem to get better. But one thing I noticed was the number of people that stare at you. I get stared at anyway on Tube but with kurta you get even more, (and I use to think it was my good looks, pshhh). Any way here are some photos I took. Ill add more about that week when I get time.
Bhai Harinder Singh

Kamaldeep Kaur Phenjee, she's always running from the camera...

awww group photo

Photo of workshop

On the train

Manvir holds on for his life haha...

Singh taking his blurry photos...

Sukha Singh holding Mic for Phenjee Gurbinder Kaur


ur bestest sister lol...u cn guess who...;) said...

wher pictures of joo bharji :'(

rsingh said...

No pics of me...dont want to scare people away from the blog. hehe