Saturday, October 29, 2005

:( october... argh......... :(

mannn my luck isn't gettin any better.

My Saranda broke. It's sister saranda is in worse shape my ones gone for repair. There was to much pressure on the wood.

We were working on repairing it to prevent any damage, loosened the strings and they came off. Now there gone have to reattach the string base and each string and make it more stabel. Its the bluming weather. all the saaj went out of tune because it suddenly got really cold here. We got 3 saajs, Sarnada, Dilruba, and Sarangi yet they where all out of tune last week, the whole class was.

Anyway im very lucky another saranda split in half, VaheGurooo, thats been sent back to india to be repaired. With Guroos kirpa should have it back I hope in a week or to.

Keep gettin more and more bad news. :(

ill post more later today.. got assighnment to do for this afternoon :S


Anonymous said...

you should take better care of your saaj (instruments).

hope they get fixed okay.

Gurmat Sangeet said...

bharji you should keep your instruments in dry and safe place. Not too cold and not too hot.

I wonder how much it will cost to repair all the instruments? usually the postage and parcel cost is more than the actually repair cost.

rsingh said...

My instrument was kept in the living room where its warm and dry.

I know what you mean, I my self have seen Sarangi and Dilruba effected by damp humid conditions and there are some tell tale sighns which beging to show. None of these are present on my Saranda.

We where actually tring to check how mine was and if it needed ajustment. Thats when the metal plate which holds the strings came of. The plate is put under immense pressure as it holds all the strings and the pressure is carried to the round base which started to pull it up. The due to the pressure when we loosened the strings to check the metale base gave way.

Now its a matter of cheking and reattaching the base, then reconnecting the strings. Hopefully shouldnt be a to big job. Therefore no need to send it anywhere overseas when you got the experts in uk. :-)

Ill try and post some Photos of it tomorrow. Now back to my assignment on raag.