Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Lost Soul Bride

My Soul cries out in pain,
“Oh husband, oh husband”
I have been separated from my beloved lord for so long!
I am ashamed, and run around the village screaming,
“Oh husband, oh husband”
But Daas still cannot find him.

I waste away my life
Attached to the five evils.
What kind of servant am I?
Oh daas, can you not think of your master for even one second?

Kaam pulls me through the village by the ear,
All the other soul brides laugh at my misery.
I still cannot find my husband.
Oh daas, do you even look?

Krodh beats my head like a drum,
I yell and scream at the other soul brides,
All my friends have left me,
But daas, where is your only true friend?
Have you forgotten him?

Lobh controls my hands,
They move about quickly, taking everything they see,
Why are the other soul brides so happy,
while I cry and suffer?
Oh daas, where is your master now?

Moh sticks to me like a glue,
I chase the other soul brides around,
But all other attachments are false,
Oh daas, don’t you know you only have one lord god?

I thought I saw my beloved,
I walk about the village proud,
I have my head up, and my chest puffed up,
Oh poor daas, Ahankar has its noose around your neck!

I am false,
My friends are false,
My family is false,
Oh daas, everything in this great illusion is false,
Why can you not see?

I see other soul brides,
Running around screaming,
“Oh husband, oh husband”
they cannot find their beloved either!
I point and laugh and tell others of their misery.
Oh daas, you slander and slander,
But what will your husband say?

I cannot esc ape my evil,
I cry and cry and cry,
I search for the true guru,
Oh daas, how can you look when you are blind?

The others in the village tie me up,
I have gone mad they say,
I cannot find my husband,
I fall on my knees crying,
The others only laugh,
They say I have abandoned my husband.
Oh daas, go home to your beloved!

I run around the village naked,
The other soul brides throw stones,
I cry in pain and agony.
Oh daas, there is no other pain,
Than that of separation from your lord

I run from the village ashamed,
I cannot find my home,
I think my husband abandoned me,
Oh daas, the true lord abandons no one,
It is you who are lost!
Daas searches and searches,
but with no eyes,
It is like running around in the dark,
Oh daas, the true lord god is your only savior,
Without him you are lost.

By MKhalsa

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