Thursday, September 06, 2007

Akal Takhat Sundesh Regarding Interfaith Marriages

This is a message to all the Sikh Sangat that according to the Rehat Maryada only Sikh couples (male/female) can engage in the Anand Karaj Ceremony. If the couple or either one of them is not a Sikh, then they must embrace the Sikh faith. This includes that they must change their second name to Singh or Kaur in their official Document before the Marriage Ceremony (e.g. driving licence, identity card, passport).

A very washed down attempt at advising panth. A year or so ago a group of us Singhs tried to question Jathedaar Vadenti waiting for him to come of stage but his PA would not let us get close to him. Its a sad state of affair, I dont know sometimes who to blame everyones doing there own thing these days. You take amrit into Khalsa not any Jathabandi, Taksal, Samaj, or Sampartha.

They really should have take hard line and described Sikhs, so many mona will keep dhari put on dastar for wedding and hours later it will all be off for the booze up.

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