Friday, September 21, 2007

LAdies And Gentlemen...without further ado...PART 3!!!

This being my blog I have chosen to shall we say "adapt" the posts to suit me :P.


ok so part 2 might have been a bit dry but i had to bring it down to your guys level hunna!!

lol anyways we have a gurudwara with not many gursikhs, but the piyaar they showed is incredible, and they have alot of respect for Gursikhs like Manvir Singh - lol [manvir singh ate all the samosa, and abardeen singh had jalabiees] he has added another area to his fanbase! He gave great lectures , full of his usual funny stories and famous quotes [Edit - Manvir singh is a spoil sport and made me edit all this chunk :( ... ]

Ravjeet Singh the Extremist ably backed up Manvir Singh by scaring the kids with his naturally handsome looks that maharaj blessed him with!! [note: Thanks Paman Singh we do ardaas that your looks develop very soon.. haha]

Satinder Singh was in charge of the middle groups and Vijay Singh and i took an odd group which was meant to be 10-16s but ended up being 10- 70!! All of the auntyji's were there to learn as well, and they were really impressive, asking questions, and in general seemed to be taking alot from MY - YES MY MY MY!! MY lecture (haha not really, i was only helping out Vijay Singh)

A quick sidepoint - Bhai Vijay Singh goes to show that Sikhi isnt something to be afraid of, we shouldnt always be intimidated - he only started to keep kes 4 months ago, yet now has a beautiful daraa and roop (not that i fancy him!) plays AKJ tabla ( always a HUGE plus lol!!), a great kirtani, [Edit:to be kept Gupt] we were sleeping at 12.30am!! Now although he has little kes just yet - he was constantly asking all of us to tie a dumalla on him :D - what a blessing to have his sangat! (The same Bhai Vijay Singh who [edit due to legal rasons] when asleep !!)

Back to the camp then - and i decided to try drinking out of a Bhataa for the first time at camp, and was ridiculed by the other sewadaars but of course when great people are alive , they are often only notice you miss something when we, i mean great people, leave!!
So i continued to use my Bhataa, which was Black lol (i was told by Ravjeet singh that it ought to be shining, and when i looked back at it - it was definitely shining, but with rust!!) I scrubbed away with a lemon and by the end of the camp had it nice and shiny : )
The bibian there nicknamed me Bhataa Baba lol so i have now made plans to open a dera there in the future as well!!

The camp was a general all round success on the Saturday - with the Kirtan Diwaan held after smaapti. Just to mention, that the gurudwara is only open on the Sunday when they do Parkash, and its only for 2 hours, yet the kids sat through the camp from 9am through to 6pm, and then with us in the Kirtan Diwaan until 11ish - where as usual, Manvir Singh proceeded to kick it with his kirtan with his hit shabads such as "Raamiyaa Hau Baarak Tera" and "Raam Simur Puchtaaigaa Mun" (both currently doing well in the charts!!)

Im getting a bit tired now so i leave PART 3 at that!



Ravjeet Singh: Some pictures from camp.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for coming to Dundee - it meant a lot to me and my family! I admire Bhai sahib Ravjeet Singh (and his team) depth of knowledge and his commitment and dedication to making positive change for today's Sikh youth! Can I ask - apart from the prothe and lots of hugs for manvir singh from Dundee community - I hope you also got something out off coming to Dundee!

Anonymous said...

can we have more pics of u bhaji? u dont seem to be in any of the pics? thanks

Ravjeet Singh said...

thats because I'm taking them :)

Anonymous said...

forget pictures of you, we want to see pictures of whoever wrote such a great piece!!

And id like to see more of the ~Bhatta Baba

Sounds like an amazingly Chardikalla Singh

S.B.P.S.108- G.W.

Anonymous said...

haha! cool and funny post!

so they call you the baata baba ji now, lol. :D

-i'm, lets see who am i....we was chatting about the infamous Mthing. lol.