Monday, September 17, 2007

Dundee Camp Part 1

Over weekend we went to Dundee for camp. I was going to do a write up but I just received emails from Jathedar P Singh Khalsa from Scotland so I shall edit it for blog post. lol


i hope everyone is all well and in total chardikalla??

anyways enough about all of you and more about me :P

As im sure ive told most of you there was a camp in dundee (so far north that not even sheep stay there!!)

ok so friday 5pm i finished work at currys and then got ready for my mission, drive over to edinburgh and pick up Manvir Singh and another piyaraa Ravjeet Singh.

I reached edinburgh without too much incident (except for a friendly exchange of views with a woman driver who decided that the speed limit was 30 mph on the motorway...women drivers man... lol!!

I reached our rendez-vous (meeting ) point - I met Manvir Singh and Ravjeet Singh and blessed them with my presence and put my hand on both of their heads, putting them in chardikalla!!

[Edit Note - Due to sensitivity of Mission "B" we have had to edit it as a mater of national security.]

We started our Journey up to dundee...

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Anonymous said...

wahegurooo. getting lost before even sit off was crazy. I blame ravjeet singh's navigation skills.