Monday, September 17, 2007

Dundee Camp Part 2


ok well PART 2...

dont worry though thats all the controversy etc etc dealt with in part 1. The rest is all about dundee and happy times :)

Yeh so anyways, we travelled up north and up into the highlands, finally arriving there at 10ish , we got lost on the street that the gurudwara was on (lol dont ask!) but eventually found our way there. If you ever do go up to dundee - which lets be honest i severely doubt it(!) then watch out for the narrow roads - it was soo tight, and took about 5 minutes of driving real slow just to get into the gurudwara car park.

the gurudwara in itself is actually rather large - its been established for about 20 odd years, it used to be a dental surgery. We were greeted by Monay, which was a little odd but we didnt think anything of it.

It turns out there are NO singhs and one bibi who wears dastaar in the whole sangat! we were shocked and myself a little seed of doubt was in my mind, i was quite shocked at this but we met up with the rest of the Sweet Sikhi team and assembled our Fauj - Bhai Satinder Singh, Hayes, Bhai Vijay Singh, London, Bhai Ravjeet Singh North London, and Bhai Manvir Singh Banbury (near Oxford - noones ever heard of Banbury lol!!). And special mention to a Guru Ka Piyaraa who lives EVEN further north in aberdeen!!the guy has NO gursikhs at all in that city but still has his crown, and is Amritdhari. He was always in chardikalaa and met us with a huge smile - it really is inspiring to think that even in the middle of nowhere Guru sahibs Khalsa still flourishes!! Siddharat Singh now keeps his daraa untied, and this is the blessings of maharaj!

After our introductions and such we were shown to our rooms and retired for the night, with Bhai sahib Vijay Singh caught [Edited due to possible threat of legal action]!! (pictures will be supplied as evidence lol!)

After Amritvela on the Saturday we went downstairs and we prepared for the camp, and as we waited for the children we decided that we would have operation Dastaar on Sunday - the Gurpurb (Joti jot Sri Guru Amardas Sahib Ji and Sri Guru Ramdas Sahib Ji and Gurgadi of Sri Guru Ramdas Sahib Ji and Sri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji) - where each and every one of the kids would be "dastaar'd" !!

well its now hit 9am and the expected flood of kids was more like a trickle - there were 2!!
But it was only down to typical indian timing and within the hour we had around 20-30 kids (which is alot for dundee as there is very little sangat, and whatever sangat there is - they are the stay-away kind!)

We began our lectures/activities and general camp stuff, and held a few icebreakers and stuff, and i must admit i was taken back by the amount of knowledge some of the kids had, even if the parents were monay, the kids were very inquisitive and wanted to learn - it was refreshing to see such a thirst for Sikhi!

End Of Part 2

(lol this might be going on for a while eh!)


The Singh Tartan Tie :) Edinburugh

little Seva Kaur saying Fateh :D


Anonymous said...

I want the unedited version lol.

This sounds really great. Great right up, very atmospheric! Can't wait to the remaining parts of what seems will be an epic.


Ravjeet Singh said...

I thought Rob left? Obviously left a lasting effect on u eh singh. LOL

na cant give out unedited as its Gupt. plus Bhai Sahib Vijay Singh wouldn't be to happy... hehe :P