Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Inspirational Story of Manvir Singh


Check this, Veerjees blog story i think its wiked.... you can read it all at by clicking on the link to his blog.....

I planned to go to Panjab in the summer holidays in 2000.I wanted to keep my Kesh, so I didn't have a hair cut for a long time.Before I went on holiday I was told, 'have a hair cut, you look scruffy!'But I didn't want to, because I wanted to fulfil my dream of accepting my true identity.In Panjab I was asked:"Do you want to get a haircut from the village Barber?""No!" I replied, "Not on the land where Guru Gobind Singh Jee sacrificed his four sons, and family for us!...Not on the land where Bhai Taru Singh refused to have his hair cut and instead accepted his scalp to be scraped off!...Not on the land where Singhs and Singhnian who gave their heads but not their Sikhi!"How could I cut my hair on that ground which was stained with blood of the Gurus and Shaheeds (martyrs) who died for our Sikhi?

I thought what would my family would think of my keeping Kesh.I thought what would the relatives, who have a negative image of Singhs think of me keeping Kesh.I thought what would people at my school say or do if I kept Kesh.I decided not to cut my hair and started to tie a turban in the Christmas holidays during Year 11.

My dad told me that by becoming a Singh I would possibly face numerous problems and that am I willing and prepared to face those challenges."Singh's find it difficult to get married!""Singh's struggle to get good jobs because of racism!""In a town where there aren't any turbaned Sikh children, you will be face with racism!"I replied, "The Guru's whose path I have chosen will look after me".I would find good and beautiful wife with the Guru's grace.I would rather work in a factory and be proud son of a Father, rather than work in a high flying job but with no self-respect.I would rather people swear at me than turn my back on my Beloved Guru.

"charan sharan gur eik paindaa jaae chal. satgur koht paindaa aage hoe let hai."- Take one step to the Guru, and the Guru will take millions of steps forward to welcome you.(Bhai Gurdas Ji)My Kesh is the wires of electricity which link me to my Dear Father - Guru Gobind Singh Ji!My Kesh is my Nishaan Saahib, my flag and the stamp of my Sikhi!My Dastaar (turban) is my crown; my Dastaar is my honour; my Dastaar is the image of my Beloved Father - Guru Gobind Singh Ji!With Vaheguru's grace, I received support from my family, respect from my school and love of my Guru.

"khaalsa mero roop hai khaas. khalse mai hau karo nivaas."- Khalsa ismy Special Form; In the Khalsa, I reside.' (Guru Gobind Singh Ji)May Vaheguru bless you!

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