Friday, August 26, 2005

Receiving Naam

I was asked about this eventually after going in circles while the person tried to avoid the question but I got it out of them eventually. There are sop many misconceptions about receiving Naam and why the Guptness people ask. People see something at a rainsbhai and think that's what receiving naam from Panj is about. I didn't know what I could and couldn't say and then by chance I came across this today......

According to Gurmat, the Naam we get from the Panj Pyare during Amrit Sanchaar is secret, and given to us upon the condition of us giving our head to Guru Ji. Eventhough Bhai Gurdas Ji states “Waheguru Gurmanter Hai, Jap Haumai Koi”, the Gurmantar is secret, and throughout Gurbani, Maharaj uses many other names of God to describe him, such Raam, Allah, and so forth. The Gurmantar is only placed inside us by the Panj Pyares, when they put Amrit in our eyes, mouth, and on to of our head, and then place their hands on our head and infuse the Naam inside us, like an electrical current all do Naam Simran abyass together. Then Naam comes into our breath system, and hopefully we strive to remember Guru Ji with every breath from then on.


sskhalsa said...

I don't find your concept to be correct. "The Gurmantar is only placed inside us by the Panj Pyares"
That is entirely wrong. The Gurmantar ,Naam, is only place inside us through Satguru jee. Considering that AKJ is the only jatha to give Naam Dridh, many consider it presence within the jatha to be suggesting exlcusiveness and houmai. I mean, the akj jatha started in the 20th century and claims that you need naam dridh from panj piare to have Naam place inside of you. Is that insinuating that the previous centuries of Gursikhs who did not do this practice never recieve naam?

I like the jatha, I just find their exclusiveness regarding the naam dridh ceremony to be flawed.

rsingh said...

Bhai sahib first thing is with regards to you saying AKJ are the only Jatha who do naam Dridh. The Panj Pyarai clearly state amrit is not of any jatha. secondaly Naam dridh is carried out at not only rainsbhai amrit sanchars...

What I am trying to say is NaamDridh is not Jathabandi thing.

9. What is Naam Drirtaa?

Naam Drirtaa is the method used to instil Naam into those who wish to receive the divine gift of Amrit during the Amrit Sanchaar. This method is not the invention of the AKJ, but has been ongoing since the first Amrit Sanchaar. Other Panthic organisations also continue to use Naam Drirtaa. The method can only be explained in detail by the Panj Pyarai during an Amrit Sanchaar, as only the Guru has the right to impart the Naam. However, generally speaking, Naam Drirta sends the Naam into ones body and enables the Sikh to begin Simran with each and every breath.