Friday, November 04, 2005



Am I alone
Or is there someone else
Who feels my pain
At the state of the Panth.

We’ve forgotten the message
The message of Guru Nanak
“The path to Divinity
Needs no intermediary.”

We’ve become lazy
Want to be spoon-fed
It’s way to difficult
To understand the path of Guru Nanak.

These sants and babas
Have readily filled this need
Pseudo-claimants, Bedis and Sodhis
Have even claimed Guru-ships.

Heads bow to them
They are held in awe
For we lazy Gur-Sikhs
Believe they have the powers.

We’ve elevated them
To a state above their worth
By paying them special homage
Inflating their inflated egos.

Special utensils are brought
As they partake in “Guru ka Langar”
They sit in designated areas
Separated from the sangat.

I witness these shows
And don’t know what to say
My head hangs in shame
My eyes fill with tears.

I feel a sadness
As I hear the sangat share their stories
Of how these babas and sants
Can guarantee the birth of a son.

These sants and babas
In their white chogaas
Wearing Rado watches
Are the Sikh ‘Pundits’ of today.

“Ardaas” on wheels
Is the new wave
It is the easiest way
To fleece the sangat o f today.

Wake up my fellow Sikhs
And see them for who they are
Just a bunch of clever orators
Claiming spiritual authority.

Take away their power
Do not cater to their egos
The path to Divinity
Lies in the Guru Granth.

I write this with love
As sewa to the Panth
Wake up my fellow Sikhs
Bow only to the Guru Granth.

Inni Kaur

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