Monday, November 07, 2005

Guru Nanak describes our 10 phases of life

guru nanak in guru granth sahib (Anng 137) says:

'pehilai piaar lugaa thhun dhudhh
First, the baby loves mother's milk;

dhoojai maae baap kee sudhh
second, he learns of his mother and father;

theejai bhuyaa bhaabhee baeb
third, his brothers, sisters-in-law and sisters;

chouthhai piaar oupu(n)nee khaedd
fourth, the love of play awakens.

pu(n)juvai khaan peean kee dhhaath
Fifth, he runs after food and drink;

shhivai kaam n pushhai jaath
sixth, in his Sexual desire, he does not respect social customs.

suthuvai su(n)j keeaa ghur vaas
Seventh, he gathers wealth and dwells in his house;

at(h)uvai krodhh hoaa thun naas
eighth, he becomes angry, and his body is consumed.

naavai dhhoulae oubhae saah
Ninth, he turns grey, and his breathing becomes labored;

dhusuvai dhudhhaa hoaa suaah
tenth, he is cremated, and turns to ashes.

ge ae sigeeth pukaaree dhhaah
His companions send him off, crying out and lamenting.

ouddiaa hu(n)s dhusaaeae raah
The swan of the soul takes flight, and asks which way to go.

aaeiaa gaeiaa mueiaa naao
He came and he went, and now, even his name has died.

pishhai puthal sadhihu kaav
After he left, food was offered on leaves, and the birds were called to come and eat.

naanuk munumukh a(n)dhh piaar
O Nanak, the self-willed manmukhs love the darkness.

baajh guroo ddubaa su(n)saar
Without the Guru, the world is drowning.'


Anonymous said...

vahegurooo... dulla ji sang this here:

never really payed attention to what he sang before the actual shabad till i read your post.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

thanks for the good post.

rsingh said...

Thanks For the link! :-)