Friday, November 11, 2005

Sikhi Week '05

Thought I would just bump up London Sikhi Week '05. Ready, here we go......

Wooohhooooo its back London Sikhi weeek. Bigger and better then before, [and much more organised thery hope.] So for a week long of action packed talks and workshop head down to Sikhi Week. [What you think?]

Seriously for one week a semesta you get the chance to learn about Sikhi, eat real food, and make new friends from different warps of life. What else you want?

London Sikhi Week 2005...
Who's Your Guru...?
16th - 23rd November 2005

Various London Uni's

Around The World in 80 Steps
Brunel University
Lecture Theatre A
2-5pm Weds 16th Nov
Nearest tube: Uxbridge

To kick of the start of the week, Bhai Sukhraj Singh, will be leading a discussion on the purpose and life of Guru Nanak Dev Jee, the founder of the Sikh faith and the inspiration behind this year's Sikhi Week. Make sure your there to experience an enlightening encounter of a unique kind!

The Eternal Truth
London Metropolitan University
Jewry Street Lecture Theatre
5.30pm (6pm prompt start) - 8pm Thursday 17th Nov
Nearest tube: Aldgate

Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to this world with a universal message. The talk and discussion will be on the meaning of the first passage in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, called the ‘Mool Mantr', and how can one improve one's life and the world by understanding and putting into practice this simple universal message.

Sikh & You Shall Find
City University
Pynton Lecture Room
5.30pm (6pm prompt start) - 8pm Friday 18th Nov
Nearest tube: Angel

In today's world we are all trying to find happiness, peace and content. However, what advice and guidance does your Guru offer you? How can one build a relationship with the Divine? How can we form successful relationships with our families, friends and marriage partners, and be happy? Bhenji Navleen Kaur will be leading a talk and discussion on how we can build relationships using Guru Nanak Dev Ji's eternal wisdom.

Student Kirtan & Langar
Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara
Pynton Lecture Room
7pm onwards Saturday 19th Nov
Nearest train: Southall (Paddington)

An evening of kirtan done entirely by students for the sangat. Everyone welcome to help do seva. If you would like to do some Kirtan or would like more info, please call: 07940 431925

Caste a Spell on You
London School of Economics (LSE)
D602 Clement House
5.30pm (6pm prompt start) - 8pm Monday 21st Nov
Nearest tube: Temple

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a social revolutionist, who destroyed social divisions 500 years ago. Living in today's world with religious fanaticism, social divisions and discrimination, join us for an interesting debate and discussion on where we, as Sikhs stand in today's ever-changing society, and how we can seek inspiration from the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Professor Gurnam Singh from the University of Coventry will head this hot topic of debate so make sure you're there to help us define our identity and role as the future of tomorrow.

Mind, Body & Spirit
Queen Mary, University of London
Drapers Lecture Theatre, Mile End Campus
5.30pm (6pm prompt start) - 8pm Tuesday 22nd Nov
Nearest tube: Mile End

For a Sikh, the ultimate goal is bringing the mind and body into harmony, a state of eternal bliss reached through the union of the individual soul with the Creator. Bhai Gurdeep Singh, a Kung Fu Master in West London, will share his experiences and will lead an introductory session to how we can use mind, body and spirit in empowering ourselves and developing our inner selves.

King's College London
Roben Suite, Guy's Hospital Tower
5.30pm (6pm prompt start) - 8pm Wednesday 23rd Nov
Nearest tube: London Bridge

To finish off the week's commemoration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday we will be getting together in the evening to sing the praises of the Creator, and join in the universal language of devotional music given to us by Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the individual to communicate with the Divine. With the sun setting and the beautiful view of London's lighted sky line, there is guaranteed to be a reflective and peaceful atmosphere in the midst of all the hustle of Central London.

Supported by:
London & Home Counties Sikh Societies
Panjab Radio
Panthic Weekly
Sweet Sikhi
Waheguroo! Network
Kaur: 07956337640
Singh: 07863335166

C U THERE!!!!!!!!


teraroop11 said...

i wish i could go..

: )

rsingh said...

sooo doo I.. :)

singh said...

isn't sweet sikhi and panjab radio the same thing?

rsingh said...

Sweet Sikhi Team is part of Panjab Radio. The team extends its sewa off air, through holding camps worldwide, doing workshops and talks at universities and doing parchaar in English & panjabi at Gurdwaras to attract the Youngsters to understand Gurmat. Sweet SIkhi also helps organise youth keertan programs and much more with Guroo Jeees kirpa. :)