Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Amazing Weekend

Been a bit busy with exams and starting a new project so I havent bloged much. Anyway this week was great.

This weekend was cool. Friday morning I had my last exam got home and chilled then in the afternoon jetted over to Southall for youth keertan program at Sikh Missionary. The program was good when I went there Singh was doing keertan

Afterwards Bhai Anoop Singh Ji Una sahib vale arrived and did keertan and simran. I have to day he seems to be doing a lot for youth which is great and seems to genuinely have a vision to network the youth which I found really inspiriong. I’ve made a little video of it so keep look out in the next week for the video of keertan and audio. Anyway after that had langar and ended up getting home very late on the trains.

Saturday had to attend an interfaith event along with Manvir Singh, and Raghbir Singh we where representing Sikhs there was a few Somalis and other Muslims and Christian people it was good. When it came to lunch we went out and had chocolate cake I made. lol We left early to get to Southall for the keertan darbar.

Manvir Singh and Raghbir Singh when we were on the train to Southall Keertan Darbar.

Got to Southall and we started setting up the youth stall for literature and stuff then the keertan started. It was awesome there was loads youth and students doing keertan Gurbinder Kaur came down and did keertan to was really beautiful. I recorded some on phone andanother sevadar has audios which will be going up soon. Everyone had a great time I think monthly youth keertans are wicked time to unwind especially with exams.

Satinder Singh Bhaji does alot of seva generally and was doing seva of tabla on Saturday.

The Sunday thought we were going to be late for Bibi Snatam Kaur but then I got a call saying she was delayed and was starting late so we rushed over to Southall. Keertan was awesome. It was intresting to see that gurdwara was packed out it was fantastic a lot of people there seemed fascinated, they would do meta tek and just stand staring at the jatha doing keertan after 30 seconds they would realise they just standing there and staring so they would quickly hurry to find a space to sit. It was really nice to see and would be great if someone was inspired by that to look at sikhi even more.

Then after Sweet Sikhi show went back to the gurdwara and there was Bhai Taar Babir Singh ji Darbar Sahib Hazoori Raagi and other jathas doing keertan together. On our way walking from the radio station to gurdwara we went past this medical centre, I was suprised to see it was namer after Guru Nanak Dev Ji but was really cool.

When we were in Langar these little kids all sabatsoorat or where becoming sabatsoorat was really awesome. they seemed more instrested in taking my phone. :)

After that Bhai Anoop Singh una Sahib vale did keertan and that was an exciting weekend. Recordings and videos will be up real soon ill post more information when I get it.


Anonymous said...

whos the nang?

rsingh said...

Thats Mandeep singh he is not a nang or nihang. Bhaji is a good friend its just he wears dummalla. Bhaji is going Sikhi camp with us this year.

GurcharanSingh said...

lol - paaji that Guru Nanak Dev Ji Medical Centre has been there for absolutely years (at least 5-6)

rsingh said...

im not from southall lol :P