Monday, May 01, 2006

Vaisakhi Smagam 2006

Last week was the Vaisakhi Smagam me and other Singh’s went up a day earlier was great but we didn’t get any sleep!

There was an international AKJ smagam last week in Derby and Singhs decided to go up earlier and asked me to come with them. SO on Friday we thought we would meet at Kings Cross St Pancreas and get the train to derby. I made my mind up to go the night before so I rushed all over to get my bana and stuff ready. Got to the station and Tarsem Singh tells me that all trains are cancelled from station as a power line had gone down. We waited for another singh and then walked over to Euston. Got there And I had to buy a ticket with my younger person rail card she asked if I wanted a single or return so I asked price difference and she said £1 I’m thinking how much is the ticket, only £30. Oh My Word £30 what is worse is I later found out two Singhs paid £5 each. Any way we are waiting for the train’s also we went outside station as people are smoking. All 3 of us are wearing cholla or Kurta.

Any way next thing I see a special constable approaching. He said this person (a rail way worker) say you have a knife, so we explain it’s a kirpan singh wears a big one and handel was sticking out. Well the guy working at Euston station was on a fag break (having a smoke) we had gone outside to get away for it all and he saw us. He told a community support officer who came up to us saying we had a report you’re carrying a knife so we explained it’s a kirpan. Then tat guy came up to and we said we are in Sikh Dress (banna) and going to a religious function. We also explain how by law we are permitted anyway he suggested putting it in our bag which we said NO to saying we can’t remove it of our body. Then they asked if we are travelling on the train, I’m now thinking what else are we meant to be doing in Euston Station?

So cleared that up and got on our way they talked between them selves which we left them to. Then on the Virgin train as we where about to get of and change train a gora said to singh again ah you should keep that under raps, nice guy and he didn’t freak anyway we chatted with him as it was taking ages for the train to let us of. Then we ran to the platform for our connection train, holding our kirpans so they didn’t swing about. 3 singhs running for a train up north with kirpan can draw attention! We got on the train and sat down started. One station before derby a gori sitting opposite us got of and went to the office it was opposite our carriage. Seemed from her actions she was complaining reporting us for having kirpans. Pointing at us and her waist probably explaining about our kirpan, oh well we where of now anyway.

Finally got to Derby and called up local singh to collect us. While we waited outside a gora while walking asked singh we he had a knife singh just smiled. We all agreed it was the most attention we received about kirpan in any one time.

Anyway I just found some photos on my phone thought I would share.

Click for link to keertan from UK Vaisakhi Smagam 2006


Singhstah said...

that rainsabhai was, in one word,

7preet said...

heyyy, you didnt' tell us what happened next with the policia asking about your kirpans! what happened then?....

rsingh said...

haha lol ok done its in italic the edited bit. Out of intrest does 7preet stand for anything?