Wednesday, May 31, 2006


As I said yesterday the recording would be up soon. Today almost all the Keertan from the weekend has been uploaded on to the Sweet Sikhi website. Bhai Anoop Singh Ji's Keertan from Fridays World Sikh Youth Network simran programme, Monthly Youth Keertan recordings, and Bibi Snaatam Kaur Ji's Keertan from Sunday's Diwaan in Southall are all up, and Bibi Snaatam Kaur from Europe.

Here are the recordings from the end of month Youth Keertan:

Gurbinder Kaur new today 23.02 Mb · MP3

Manvir Singh new today 3.37 Mb · MP3

Ranjeet Kaur new today 28.64 Mb · MP3

Satinder Singh new today 12.78 Mb · MP3

Vijay Singh new today 21.13 Mb · MP3

More audio downloads on


Otpreka Singh said...

waheguru thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

sweet sikhi is a cool site thanks