Saturday, May 06, 2006

Game of Love

What is True Love? Bhai Satwinder Singh talks about Sikhi and True Love. Who is a Sikh and how can you be in Love with god. With the aid of Gurbani Bhai Satwinder Singh gives an enlightening talk on Love and Sikhi.

“Do not utter even a single rude word to anyone, as the True Master dwells in one and all. Do not break the heart of anyone as every heart is priceless jewel.” – Shaikh Farid


rinkoo said...

i prefer the other template.

this template is bit "in your face".

perhaps go for a light colour template but i don't know (perhaps its just me) the nishan sahibs seem bit too much for the template.

i dunno.

keep up good blog.

nice vids.

Otpreka Singh said...

wearing bana, controlling your food intake as guru sahib talks about in bani. is also a way of showing your prem to god to guru sahib. although i liked the lecture, it seems bhai sahib discounts this fact.