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Amrit - very special

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Before I took Amrit, I read Bhai sahib Randhir Singh ji book. “Amrit ke hai” or “Meaning of Sikh Baptism”. This is a fantastic book, because it questions you. It asks you the fundamental question why are you taking Amrit? If your answer is I want to spend the rest of my life Jaapping Naam, in Seva of the Sangat. Then you are ready. But if sincerely this is not the case, then are you really giving your head? I have read this book many times afterwards aswell. Each time it inspires me more in different ways.

On the day, do full ishnaan. Clear your mind and focus on what you are here to do. I was lucky Bhai Rama Singh ji came and sat next to me. He told me to do Mool Mantar da Path. This is fantastic advise. Mool Mantar is harder to do than Gurmantar. You have to focus more. Spend all your time doing this. Do not let yourself be distracted by those around you. If you have any questions, ask the Peradaar (Guard). Otherwise just concentrate on inside. Guru ji states, “the more you prepare and sow your field beforehand, the more it benefit it will have.” Do not worry about anything around you, just read Gurbani and reflect inside.

Bhai Rama Singh ji also said to me, “when the Panj Payres prepare the Amrit focus on the Khanda, watch the Bata, and listen to the Bani.” I fo und this very helpful. It is kind of hypnotic, keep you eyes on it, it helps you focus more.

When the Panj Pyares give you Naam learn it correctly. This is the biggest blessing of your life. The five give you Amrit and place their hands on your head and give you Naam. If afterwards when you are getting Naam dhirr, you still cannot do it, then just go back to the Panj, and get it again. Do not leave unless the Naam is in your breaths, and you Naam Jaap comfortably.

Naam is the seed. This is what it is all about. As humans we prepare the soil. We keep it clean and pure. The seed is placed by the Panj Pyares. We do seva in complete humilty to push it deeper and deeper, until we are nothing. We water it with keertan and sangat. The day we realise we are nothing, and everything is Akaal, the day when we completely submit, is the day that the seed will sprout. Then regular watering with keertan, seva, and sangat will make it blossom into something so beautiful. Only then can this beauty be something so special that it is worthy of sacrifice.

The day after Amrit you still have so many blessings. If you do not continue to capitalise, then you will lose more blessings each day. For many that is their spiritual peak. But do not make this mistake. Attend Amrit vela with like minded Gursikhs everyday. If you cannot find, do Ardas, Guru Maharaj will Pargat them. Make this the beginning of your spiritual journey, not your peak.

A person who is 5 kakkaari is the wealthiest person on this earth. His kaakaars, his body armour of Nitnem, the sprinkling of Amrit in his eyes, kesh, and mouth, plus the ultimate wealth which is Naam. What can be more valuable on this earth!

This Amrit will make his eyes view the world as the world views itself. Like water, it never differentiates when it is being drunk. It does not look at black, white skin, educated, non-educated, male, female, tall, thin, or worst of all castes. Not even differentiating between human and animal. It just quenches the thirst of whoever drinks it. Similarly the wind never looks at who face it blows at, it just blows. The sun never looks on whos face it shines on, it just shines. This is the nature that Waheguru created, and as Waheguru children this is how we should become. When Amrit is sprinkled in our eyes, this is how they should see.

When Amrit is sprinkled in our mouths, our mouths too become pavitaar. The mouth that has tasted Amrit. Could that mouth ever again taste ninda? Could that mouth ever again say a harsh word? Could that mouth ever again swear? From now only as sweat as the Amrit it has tasted, this is how sweat each word should be that leaves that mouth. My Guru states “Aap Naam Jaapo Avra Naam Jaappavo”. (Recite the Naam yourself, and inspire others to recite it too). The day each word that leaves our mouth is as sweat as Amrit, every person we meet in this world will wish to take Amrit.

When Amrit is sprinkled in our Kesh, this is so special. May Guru ji bless us to witness a day, when not only our mouths recite Naam, but also our hearts and we breath it too. Such will be the overwhelming nature of Naam, that even our Kesh will Jaap this Naam. An aura of Naam, pure blessings of Waheguru will radiate from us. Every Virtue of Akaal will be reflected in his Gursikh. So much pyaar, humilty, Sehaj, courage, and Khalsa Spirit.

A true Amritdhari is not one who drinks Amrit just on one day. But one who washes in the same way -Top of head to toe, as he did on that day. Jaaps the same Gurmantar for many hours at Amritvela, reads the same 5 banis every morning, and realises it body is the Sarbloh Bata, and with this process of Nitnem creates Amrit inside everyday. A true Amritdhari drinks Amrit in his mouth everyday.

That person who drinks it every morning at Amrit vela is then ready for his day. Then during the day he will continue to Jaap Naam, and face the worlds challenges as a True Sant Siphai. He will never fear death, because he is already Amar (immortal). His voice will speak of righte ousnous and freedom, because he has attained both.

This is the kind of Gursikhs we need today, and the kind I hope I someday become. Never set your sights at goals so achievable, that you achieve them and become lazy. Set your sights, that you push yourself and over-achieve. Think! I am sikh, one day before I die I want to reach Sachkhand. Set it as a goal. Put it on your bedroom mirror. Read it everyday when you do your dastaar. Remember it, work at it and one day with Guru ji s blessing you will achieve it.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!
Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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