Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kirtan - Spiritual Vibes - Audios

Vahiguroo Jee I have finally uploaded the kirtan, I must apologise for making people wait but don't worry I am sure you will agree its been worth it.

Bibi Prabjeet Kaur Jee (shabad)
Bibi Ishpreet Kaur Jee (shabad)
Bibi Ishpreet Kaur Jee (simran)
Bhai Varinder Singh Jee (simran)
Bhai Tarsem Singh Jee (simran)
Bhai Manvir Singh Jee (ba(n)dhanaa har ba(n)dhanaa gun gaavahu gopaal raae)
Bhai Manvir Singh Jee (charan kamal prabh kae nith dhhiaavo)
Bhai Manvir Singh Jee (gur bin ghor a(n)dhhaar)
Bhai Manvir Singh Jee (anand sahib)

Photos I previoussly blogged can be view by clicking here

More audios I previously have loaded can be found clicking here.
Thanks to host, www.waheguroo.com

hope you enjoy.
Guroo Anng Sanng


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa thts nooooo fair... wheres ur track smelly mooooo

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

By the way in Bandana Har Bandana Shabad at the beginning part there is a slight disturbance in the kirtan due to one or two of the vaaja keys being jammed and not being able to press down.

Thought i would let u guys. lol.

bhul chuk maaf.

TeraRoop said...

yayay Kirtannn

Tarsem said...

Ravjeet put your simran up!!!!

If someone wants to hear ravjeet doing simran, then you can email me at tarsem_l@hotmail.com

joking I havent really got it.
sangath di beanti that ravjeet put your up also please


rsingh said...

I like teraroop11.. forget the others, “yyaaaaaaaaaayyy kirtan.”

Its not about the voice Veerjee it’s all about gurbani. :) haha Vahegurooo, you simran track is wiked.

And yep Manvir tends to dismantle the Vaajaa before doing kirtan. hehe.

Oh Phenjee PP every things fair. Now don’t tempt me to gather all the keertan recordings of you and blog them. I know my ratings would increase.. haha :D

Guroooo anng sanng

Tarsem said...

Haanjee veerjee your right it is about the gurbaani, but if your going to put all the keertan from that day, then yours should be up aswell :)
I amongst others would like to hear it from that night please :)

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

I agree with Tarsem Singh bhaji!

Lead by example.

3 principles of Sikhi includes "Vandd Shaknaa"

Gaj Ke Aako: Sat Naam, WaheGuroo :)

* said...

post ur kirtan bharjiiiii

Anonymous said...

Bharji Ravjeet Singh _/\_ Hath Jorr Beanti Plz Put Ure Simran Up,
Sat Sangat Di Beanti

Raghbir Singh

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


perhaps we should start a lobby group or something. lol.