Friday, December 23, 2005

Jugalbundi of Raag Suhee

This is a Jugalbudi between Sarangi and Pakawaj done in Raag Suhee.

Jugalbandi is an ancient Indian art form where two musicians with different instruments or styles perform together. A relatively under-explored concept, it provides a medium through which two artists share a musical canvas, striving to present a single picture, while exploring each other's depths of creativity, intermingling their personal styles.

Raag Suhee

Suhee is an expression of great devotion. Though this devotion the listener experiences feelings of great closeness with underlying love. The listener is bathed in Love and comes to understand the meaning of adoring.

Click here to watch 'extract_of_Jugalbundi-Raag_Suhee_1'

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Anonymous said...


can u please upload some tracks of classic traditional Raag kirtan done with strings ,

i luv the string instruments in this piece :)

Manpreet Kaur

rsingh said...

Done I uploaded one shabad here. Ill be ding more. Bhai Balbir Singh, etc. wooooppsssss I was uploading and ended up deleting the posts. Anyhow its all up now.