Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Todays World and Kuljug

Got home from Kings simran today. We did a bit of kirtan then I made my way home. Had BBC1 on and crime watch is on. There are so many bad things I thank Guroo Jee he blessed me and my family with Sikhi. They just done an appeal for three men who part took in a rape on one women.

The bechari was out with friends she hadn’t seen in a while. She decided to leave early and go home. She asked the mini cab how much and then got in. He apparently made a wrong turn which she pointed out and he apologised and said he would get back on the right way next turn.

He failed to do this and she panics and well I won’t go in to the rest. But its so distressing the kind of things going on. Of course it’s not a persons fault they get rapped.

Vahiguoo help her to get over this cant imagine how she must feel. She went to th police days after and was able to draw there faces. At this point I was thinking to my self about the bibian in Panjab from over 20 years till now who are going thew this and much more. They can’t even tell anyone as they will be ashamed and go through this alone. It’s so sad but our community doesn’t help them.

These are the same Singh’s of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who use to go and save Hindu women from the moguls today cant seem to protect there own bibian.

Every community treats there Martyrs (shaheeds) with respect offering families monetary comforts etc we do nothing. I was watching Widows Colony preview he other day. About women of a block who are all widows as there sons and husbands where murdered in cold blood while they and there daughters had been rapped. We have not done anything for them and still do nothing. One thing a widow said on that film was how many people made films but nothing had been done. They said they dont want money, clothes, food, or any thing just justice. They are willing to work 24-7 and wear simple clothes but just ask for justice.

The same bibian who is protecting them? No one why? Why haven’t Akal Takath treated them as royalty of the panth? Someone posted how there daughters are in prostitution to survive. Sikh daughters, of Shaheeds in Prostitution if this is not a shame and black stain on Sikhs internationally then what is?

I just remembered a Panjab Radio show where he talked about two sisters. One was Gurdeep Kaur, can’t remember the name of the other. Sister 1 was taken by Panjab Police and returned next say. They then took Gurdeep she said how she was tied up stripped and blind folded and drunk officers and men ....(I cant go into it)... She was bleeding all over. They abused her so much all night, she got no sleep.

She was returned and told to keep her mouth shut. Elders told her to do same due to our culture of shame and how bibi won’t be able to marry, etc. She couldn’t, pehnjee was so brave she took on the world and told her story. Allot of these daughters, Sisters end up committing suicide as they have no other way out. They have no one, no one to talk to nothing. May Guroo Sahib bless the Panth with tyar by tyar Gursikhs who will stop this and help our brothers and sisters. With all these comforts living in UK we should do more to help them.

We should all hold our heads in shame and do ardaas for these families and try and volunteer in Panjab, etc try and make a difference. http://www.fatehworld.org/ is one great site.

Today we can get involved with parchar in our home towns not only in our Sikh community but helping all communities as in the essence of Sikhi.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


The post is depressing to read, but reveals the truth.

Many Panjabi women suffer the abuse from Police brutalities (including rape, sexual torture etc) in silence. Its not in our culture for women to talk to people about horrific crimes like that. Really sad.

Reading this may this post may it ignite compassion, the feeling of duty for Panth and humanity, and following the Guru's Hukam within us all, including myself.

Rab Rakha

satvinder said...

R Singh Ji


I want to congratulate you on writing this entry. Well done. We need more men in our society to speak out on women’s issues. Maybe if women knew that they had this kind of support they would feel more comfortable about giving evidence against their perpetrators.



7preet said...


Anonymous said...

What is sad is that we have become weak.
We are only Singhs in name.
Who or what are we?
British Asians?
Asian British?
We write a lot to make people aware of the situation but what you have done is what I have done and that is to raise awareness.
Perhaps good work but there are already people that have done that, that's how you found out-you were made aware by documentaries.

What I lack and what others lack is the ability to take the next step.
We all sit and tell others that we need to do something.

You could have changed one auntiji's life. I could have done too. But we place more importance on our school work, on our families and on our own comforts.
And we will be back tomorrow adding more to our blogs but we have only raised awareness, the man before us did too. But does the Singh raise awareness, did the Singhs of C17th raise awareness, is that how our Hindu sisters were rescued and our Singh brothers respected and feared?

And yes I admit I achieved nothing with this comment.

On a positive note-Well done for the time you spend creating and adding to this inspiring blog.


Anonymous said...

cool blog. bhaaj are your Ravneet Singh from Leeds?


Anonymous said...

thanx 4 posting. we need to be more open in our community bout these types of issues hunna

rita this is ravreet's blog. dunno whether he'z from leeds or midlands



rsingh said...

Vaheguroo jee ka khalsa vaheguroo jee kee fateh
Nope as it says on the profile:
Location:London, United Kingdom

Im from London. :)