Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bhai Rama Singh Ji..., Bharosaa....

Vahiguroo Jee.. Something I found inspirational and linked in with what a group of singhs had been discussing on the weekend.

sae charan suhaavae jo har maarag chalae ho bal thin sa(n)g pashhaanaa jeeo 2

Those feet which walk in the Lord's Way are beautiful. I am a sacrifice to that Congregation in which the Lord is recognized. 2

(Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Raag Maajh, 103)

What I am about to write may not be of big deal but here goes...

As I was reading the above Gurbanee I remembered some memories, just felt that maybe it would be nice to share it with the sangat so that we may remember those Great spiritual warriors of our time and seek to follow Guru ji's footsteps just as they did...

Once there was paaht to be held at an Amritdharee's house during morning hours...my family and I were invited and were very grateful to have the opportunity of being in the company of such great sangat.

On the actual day we ended up arriving to the paaht very late and were saddened and felt bad for turning up late. But thought we must go inside to fulfill what we travelled out for. Ardaas was soon to begin as we went in to do Mata-thek to Dhan Dhan Guru ji. We had to sit outside in the garden as there was no room inside, i sat right in front, beside the concrete step that led to the lower ground of the garden. Once all paaht was over we eat langar.

After having eaten I still did not feel as though we had completed what we went there for because we arrived late. So sitting there with legs crossed beside that step, looking down at the ground with my elbow on knee, and chin resting on hand, i sat th ere all gloomy looking. Many people had passed by from out of the house to the garden, but after a while in front of me i saw these beautiful feet. Just reminded me of Guru Gobind Singh ji for some reason. The person had a white puchamee tightly on the legs...and then i as i looked up, the person was wearing a cholaa too...it was Bhai Rama Singh ji !!

He spoke to my father and said some very kind and special words about my family. I was SO happy just to see Bhai Rama Singh ji. People only have to be near to him to feel the peace and look at him to see the pyar in his eyes of his soul for Sikhi/Vaheguru ji....

My father asked him that 'how comes we havent seen you around lately at ransbaes etc'...and Bhai Rama Singh ji replied that he only has a few Saas left and he wishes to make the most of them as much as possible as he can (i.e. by doing Saas Gras/Naam jap).

It was just after a couple of days after that day we met Bhai Sahib that I/we heard his soul left Earth for SaachKhand.

Vaheguru ji is SO wondrous, there are no words to describe. Vaheguru ji ALWAYS has a Good reason for Everything that goes on. We MUST learn to keep in our highest spirits (Chardee Kaalaaa) even IF the 'going gets tough' by keeping Great FAITH/Bharosaa in Guru ji...in VAHEGURU ji.

Lets all look up and imagine SaachKhand in our minds and aim for it. This is by keeping on the True Marag we are destined for; Sikhi. We must ask for Guru ji's kirpaa and do sevaa n sikhi parchar. Lets Complete our duty as per Sikhi on Earth.

We have waited endless lives for this Human lifetime...lets accomplish what we have been sent here for so that we may meet each other and other GREAT GurSikhs in SaachKhand! Our TRUE Home.

We don't know when our last breaths are up, maybe next second, minute, hour, day, year, who knows....naam japoe with every breath......even our final thoughts and swaas/breath should be of vaheguru ji !


TeraRoop said...

where are uuuu

Anonymous said...


reading about Bhai Saheb ji makes my day...
plz share more

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rsingh said...

This weekend I was really lucky to have sangat of naam abyasi elder Singhs as we travelled up north.

Bhai Sahib started talking about the older days with Bhai Rama Singh Ji and elder Gursikhs and how sangats use to get to Bhai Sahibs house for 2am on the dot and do naam abyaas for hours then nitnem. He said then they would rush of home for 1 hour of sleep and then rush to work. In the rush home he sad often they would forget there shoes.

It was so awesome having sangat for a few hours of such Singh’s even if I was sleepy through out the journey :( Vahiguroo Anng Sang

7preet said...

woww...so lucky...!