Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Q & A on Sikhi and Life: by Bhai Rama Singh Ji

A series of blog entries of questions and answers by Bhai Rama Singh Ji, taken from: Roop Gobind Ka Raj Khalsa Ka Sika Sohna Ka, by Bhai Rama Singh (translated by Bhai Gurmukh Singh.) Below are links to the six entries and there titles.

Part 1 - Purpose of life and attaining Vahiguroo.

Part 2 - Interference with meditation on GodÂ’s Name

Part 3 - Unseen Haomai (Ego)

Part 4 - Simran (Meditation) at Home and in Sangat

Part 5 - Household Life

Part 6 - Cult And Yogic Spiritual Powers

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